Afro American Males are wild for sex .

I'm a divorced 52 year old gal. I'm 5 ft 6 and weigh 170 lbs. Have short hair , green eyes, big floppy tits, a nice ass but not overly big. I have a bit of a belly but my legs and arms aren't fat. Like having those huge flapy wings hanging down under your upper arms. Nothing like that. My pussy is nice and very hairy.

I have found that afro American men seem to really like my body. Even young ones. I'm currently seeing a guy who is 25. My oldest son is 30 . Isn't that the shit. My young lover wants me all the time. He's not huge mind you. His body is very fit and trim with chiseled abs , stomach, chest, arms , ass , legs. His cock isn't like super big. He's just six inches long but really thick which I love.

I can easily suck the whole thing balls deep . OMG! He makes so much come. When he fucks me it's really nice . I never thought I would date or have sex with anyone other than my own race. My eyes have been opened for sure. He's not the first . The first one was a guy at work . He was not like Terrell . He was heavy set but man his tool was huge . Over ten full inches and he really stretched my little white pussy in all directions. I was clutching the sheets and making lots of noise.

I highly recommend to all ladies to give a sexy dark lover a shot . They really know how to please. I get so turned on when he's on top of me and I raise my head to see his fat dark dick going in and out of me. It's incredibly erotic to watch. I'm having the time of my life. Even walking around town I gets of looks . More from afro American men by far. You can teach an old slut new tricks. Yes I'm an old slut . Just ask my ex.

3 months ago

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    • Well, learn something else, new, you old slut. It's African-American, not "afro-
      American". Get a fucking clue !

    • Go away, Maxine.

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