Finally satisfied my curiosity and let a man fuck my ass

I’m 30 years old but as long as I can remember I’ve had bi curious ideas/tendencies from camping and playing with myself with another kid to trying to find a nice hung dick on Craigslist to suck and fuck to explore my curiosity. Late this summer someone messaged me to fix something on their house through Snapchat. So I came over we talked I fixed the problem he had got paid and got out of their. Clearly after meeting him I could tell he was either gi curious or gay and me always being curious when I would get drunk I would text him well ine night I over did it and sent him pictures and a brief description of my fantasies. The following weekend I was drinking and tried to have him come over but I was too nervous and it didn’t work out. Well seeing how I was scary and didn’t want him to think I was wasting his time. 2 weeks later I invited him over again except this time there was no lights on doors were open and I was but naked laying in my stomach with my ass arched in the air. Heard the door open my stomach dropped, I knew than this is gonna happen. He came in shit the door and immediately started licking and shoving his tongue in my ass I lost control at that point started moaning and just got into it. Relaxed and just gave in. After a few minutes he slowly shoved his dick in me. Went back and fourth from fucking me pulled out and would just spread my ass and tongue my asshole deep and so sensually. Was one of the best times I’ve ever had. Would absolutely love to have him back over and use these cuffs and restraints and have him just abuse my throat and ass. Yeah that’s my confession. Been straight for 30 years and finally satisfied my curiosity with another man and honestly imma make it happen again. Shit hopefully I can get hi and a buddy or maybe a few guys would love to be just taken over and dominated to be honest.

10 days ago

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    • Now that’s must have been a really intense get together with him !
      I’d love to be able to join in with the 2 of you ! So I can eat your ass then fuck your ass falls deep and Cumm inside of your ass !
      Or have you on your back while I’m pounding your ass until I’m about cumm I’ll pull out of your ass and Cumm all over your cock and balls and lick all of my Cumm off your body I love doing that to men ! And suck your dick until you Cumm in my mouth and I’ll swallow every drop of your Cumm !

    • I didn't find that wicked pleasure until I was in my early 50's. I started playing with various size dildos. I started with one that was 6.5 " and not overly fat. Oh my it felt great. It was curved too. Then I tried one of my wife's dildos. It was 9" and really fat. She made it look easy taking it in both holes. That sucker really stretched my hole. I could feel the burn as it stretched me.

      I was on a website sharing pics of my wife when I started chatting with a truck driver. His wife stopped taking care of his needs. He asked if my wife might help him out. I told him she wasn't into that . We became good friends. He told me about getting his cock sucked by another man and using toys in his ass. He was using all kinds of wild and crazy toys. I told him I'd like to suck his cock. He came to meet me and the fun we had. I sucked his cock and he shot off in my mouth. Later he fucked me. His 7" curved cock was just the ticket. I love getting fucked and sucking so much. Who needs pussy.

    • I'm 44 and want to be fucked by another man terribly but can't find it. I'm going to go crazy!

    • I have ed and want to be butt fucked and suck cock.

    • Yes your turning me on.

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