Me and my brother had sex

It was a normal winter day both of my parents where at work me and my older brother where home from school when I decided I was going to take a shower.2 hours later I got out and I saw my brother he came up to me and yanked off my towel he picked me and I din’t care I secretly wanted him to fuck me.He brought me to my room and placed me down on the floor to suck his big cock.When I was done he put his cock in my pussy and we got to work.I screamed “CUM IN ME JACKSON!!!!!!” “I’M GOING TO” he screamed back.I was only in my freshman year and he was in his senior year so it was ok.Then 2 hours later my came home with out a thought she came in to my room and saw him fucking me.She wasn’t mad tho she was proud that we where getting along!Then she left!This went on for 25 more minutes and this went on till Christmas.Let’s just say we both where on the naughty list.

10 days ago


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    • Hey motherfucker. If you can't do your fucking job and update this fucking website within reason, maybe you should get a different fucking job ya asshole.

      I mean for real how fucking hard is it to keep a shitty fucking website updated where you do absolutely fucking NOTHING except post what other people have written. I mean it's not that fucking hard douchebag. If you can't do your fucking job, maybe try putting our post in automatic mode so we don't have to wait for your dumb fucking ass. For fuck sake, post the updates already, ya fucking retarded. Fuck!!

    • I had sex with my brother . He was 15 and I was 9 . It really was uncomfortable the first few times. Guess cause he was so big and my ass was so tight. Eventually we discovered KY jelly and problem solved.

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