I fixed him good the asshole.

My boss is a real jerk wad. Treats all us employees horrible. I decided to get him good. It had to be well thought out. I didn't tell anyone about it. I just did it. He owns the auto repair shop we are employed at . Several different employees use his pickup to get parts and haul things for work. I asked my wife for help . She asked some friends at her work if they had any sexy undergarments and personals they don't use . She got a couple items . Very sexy seductive type items. I put them in his truck. A pair of panties that my wife wore for a couple days. I wanted them to have a woman's scent on them. I placed them in the passenger door pocket . The sexy undergarment I put under the middle of the seat. I also got to quarter once bags of weed . I bought a box of sandwich bags and took some seed and stems and put in another bag. I placed it all in the glove box.

I had a woman friend call his house looking for him. His wife answered and the woman said , " hello is Neil there? " his wife said no he's not may I take a message ? The woman replied , " that's okay I'll see him later. " Then she hung up. It was his bowling night out so he won't be home until late. His wife will really wonder and get suspicious about it. A few minutes later his wife called looking for him. I told her he was out . About 10 minutes later he rolled in and then asked if his wife called. I told him she had. Neil called home and I was listening to his conversation . Samantha told him a woman called and what she said. Then he asked me if anyone called the shop for him to which I said a woman called but didn't leave a name. I knew this would really raise his wife's suspensions.

Everything was working great. I told my lady friend to call his house from various locations during her daily travels and when his wife answered to hang up. We were setting the hook. His wife is insanely jealous. Neil was getting upset and agitated at these hang ups . His wife was really giving him grief accusing him of cheating. I love it when a plan comes together. So one day after this she was riding in his truck and she went to get her sunglasses from the door pocket and the panties came out with them. She threw them at Neil asking who they belonged to. He told her had no idea where they came from. Then he said maybe they belong to one of the emoyees wives or girlfriends or got left by mistake. His wife sniffed them and she smelled perfume and a woman's body odors. When they got back in the truck she started looking in all the pockets and under the seat. She founds make up, an ear ring , and the sexy undergarment with the same perfume. She flipped out on him and demanded to know who he was fucking.

My efforts were paying off causing him grief . His father drove the truck picking up parts to help out. He opened the glove box and found the weed. He took it out and told his son you better never leave anything like that in your truck while I'm driving. He asked what if I had been stopped for speeding and looking for the registration pulled that out. I knew that in his younger days he smoked weed everyday as did his father. No matter what Neil said his father didn't believe him about it not being his. Pay backs are a bitch. The grief he was getting at home from his wife made it worth while. She was keeping close tabs on him.

I put a book of matches from the little local motel everyone knew as a meeting spot for husband and wives cheating on their spouces. That and a bottle of fingernail polish . On his side of the truck in the driver side pouch I put a hand written letter by my lady friend. She wrote a nice letter proclaiming her undying love for Neil. It got pretty explicit . Neil loved telling us male employees about his 9 inch cock and he had three studs to pleasure the ladies. Pam talked about loving every inch of his big fat curved 9 inch cock and his wonderful 3 studs that hit her in all the right spots. Then signed Marissa and I put the same perfume on the letter.

His wife found everything just as I placed it. She asked him about the items which he explained away as being left by passengers being given a ride to work after dropping off their vehicles for service. Then she revealed the letter and asked him to explain it. He told her that obviously someone was out to get him and set him up. She didn't believe him and told him to sleep in the quest bedroom. He told me about it. He asked if I had anything to do with it. I told him no. You've always been great to me boss. He said he wanted to keep the truck locked during the days and if you needed the keys come see him. It was easy to work around as I had a slim Jim tool and could easily open the doors. I let it cool for a couple weeks then went back to leaving little items . I left a sexy lace bra under the seat and a condom wrapper . The bra had the same perfume. I also left a necklace that said Marissa . Samantha found it all. When he tried to say it came from work she said you told me you were locking your truck and only you have the keys.

Samantha told him she wanted him out of the house and she changed the locks while he was at work and set several packed suit cases on the front porch. She hired an attorney and was suing him for divorce. He said she wanted the house and half the business. He could have the truck and Marissa. I didn't feel bad one bit. No one did. He had come onto my wife not long after I started working there. He even sent her a text telling her what he wanted to do with her. My wife Jen should the text to Samantha . Jen asked her not to say anything cause he would probably fire me . She just wanted her to know what a creep he really was.

1 month ago

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    • Well done, only you might mentioned him hitting on your wife at the beginning. But good job

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