Whore wife

Well over 25 years later still with slut wife. From when I met her when we were young she cheated with a BBC from there with a couple neighbors I suspect she was getting high with as I worked. Then my sons friends dad ,my best friend and and a few others that I suspect. Now she says and swears up and down that she only cheated once and that was with bc and don't does not bother me as the others since we did not live together. I should say this but I prayed bad ill come to those and her if its true. Well she has cancer one homeless all fucked up other lost his job his house. They all turned out to be pieces of shit broke no teeth mother fuckers. Now since she wanted to play this game I have been with about 60 to 70 women . Most had there shit together and asking move in like a dumb ass I didn't. Now I write this miserable with this nast ass cunt and trust me she went from a 9 to 1 . Useless cum dumster that's it. First sign of cheated move on don't waste all your years and yes you can still be there for your kids . Piece out

10 months ago

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    • She also a mud shark

    • I was in the same situation - oblivious to how big of a gutter slut she was. She fucked bbc while we were first dating. She fucked bosses, friends, relatives, and just about anyone who pulled their cock out in front of her. She preferred sucking cock and later learned she enjoyed facials. After our divorce and after she was remarried we fucked more frequent than ever including facials. A cock queen slut jizz bag.

    • Some when are just made for that it's a shame but the truth

    • No think I was literally around her for 2 years . To busy fucking other chicks

    • You stayed with this wayward harlot for 25 years ? Kind of slow on the uptake, aren't you ?

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