Post office slut

Someone left a note on my car window a couple days ago telling me that my wife who works at the post office has fucked almost all the men and a couple of the women that works there. I knew this she has always been like that, I can't stop her, not sure I would even if I could. after being married for 12 years and chuckolding all the way I am very used to it. Any one else out there feel the same way I do.

10 months ago

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    • I tried to get my wife to tell me about all the guys she was fucking but she wouldn't. She acted like she was too embarrassed and like she wasn't doing anything. If she would've told me I would've told her about all the women and men I was fucking.

    • Too funny. When I had a box at the local post office, one of the counter women was a hot, milf blonde with an amazing body, pretty face, and killer-long, usually red, nails that drove me crazy. I'd make up excuses to go to the counter just to eye her up, as most guys did. Dutton, as she was called, was a free spirit as well and ate up the attention from men. I was at the bar one night and she came in by herself, sat next to me, and we chatted a bit. As things progressed and I saw this going well for me, I did mention her being married, but she didn't care.

      Dutton told me that she "fucks around all the time" and that "most of the guys at my counter have had this". I asked if she was joking or messing with me, and she said no, and could prove it. She then pointed out four or five guys at that bar who'd fucked her, including their names and some dirt on them. "By the door there..Dennis, the accountant..Wife doesn't know he fucks everything that moves and has a PO box just for his hidden money", and things like that. We went back to my townhouse, had wild, active sex, and she left. I was happy to have fucked this hot milf, but also thought, if she knows all this shit on people and says it, what's she going to say about me? I never found out, but did fuck her one more time before moving.

    • This is why the postal service has gone to shit. They're all going postal up in your wife's delivery slot. Way to go, "chuckhold " , LOL !

    • Once you start living the life of a cuckold you cannot stop her. You only have two choices stay with her and let her fuck anyone she wants. Or get a deorvorce. I myself went through years of being married to a slut and being a cuckold for her. We are older now and we love each other more than anything. But I sat back through most of are marriage and watch her have sex with so many people. Guys and women. She would throw party's at are house and let one guy after the other fuck her. She's even had some guys living with us months at a time. I would come home from work and find her fucking some guy both of them walking around the house naked. And I know that it's my fault. I was the one who started this life style. Wanting her to be more open with herself talked her into a threesom with a stranger. At first I would join in then I started just sitting back and watching and jacking off. Then she was fucking guys with out me being there. I loved her so much that it became normal for her to be able to fuck other guys. It's a sexual life style that you start and you have to live with.

    • 'our' not 'are'. May sound close, but totally different meaning.

    • Well, id like to meet your wife. Lol

    • My wife and I both fuck around on each other some, not often, we don't share our partners but enjoy very much talking about it when we're fucking, some of the talk is made up but very sexual. Couples should try it. one should tell the other not to take anything they say as truth, just fun talking.

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