A stranger fondled and exposed my tit in public

I was taking the bus home from work and as usual it was super crowded. I had a heavy bag over my right shoulder and a pile of books in my right arm so I found my spot, balanced as best I could and took hold of the handhold above me to keep from tipping over. Most people don't get off until a lot further down the line so I knew I was in for a crushing ride. The woman in the seat I was facing was fast asleep and the old man by the window just watched the scenery go by. As the bus moved along, stopping and starting in the heavy traffic, I'd feel people rock back and forth, pressing into each other until getting our balance back. I kept feeling something bumping my butt and assumed it was a briefcase or bag, I also felt something pressing against my left side boob.

After some time I realized they kept bumping me in the same rhythm. At first I thought my imagination was getting the best of me but more and more I believed it was a hand brushing against the side of my boob. It would not just rock back and forth into me, it would press against my tit and just stay there before repositioning and pressing again. But you still figure you're just imagining it.

Pretty soon, I could definitely feel fingers when they pressed into my under boob. The person next to me was looking away and the way I was facing and holding the handhold I couldn't see behind me. I was pretty sure it was someone behind me. I tried to twist a little to my right but couldn't move much and this actually made him reach around further and start squeezing the side and bottom of my tit. I kind of froze and didn't know what I really could've done. I wasn't going to start screaming "he's grabbing my tit!" That would've just been weird so I just let it happen.

He cupped my boob and started squeezing it harder and harder. I was hoping the sleeping woman would wake up because she would have definitely seen it or that the old man would turn away from the window but she was almost snoring and he was transfixed on the view going by.

This went on for some time but then the groper changed his tactic and began running his fingers over the tip of my boob until he found my nipple. In spite of myself it was hard and gave itself away through my thin lace bra. Once found, he started tweaking and pinching my nipple, pulling and stretching it out in front of me. I was kind of paralyzed not really knowing how I could respond. Over my shirt he moved his fingers up and I realized he was finding the edge of my bra and trying to move my bra down to free my nipple of the cup. When he managed that he went back to pinching my nipple with only the shirt between my tit and his fingers. He was squeezing the bottom and side of my boob and pushing up so more of my tit was slipping out of and over the top of my bra cup.

I tried bumping into the sleeping woman with my bag but she just sleepily opened her eyes halfway. I said "Sorry" to get her attention but she just nodded off again. The old man had turned though and was watching me at chest level but he didn't look at my face. I was staring waiting to give him a look like, "Help me!" but he didn't look up, he just kept looking at my tits with a hand fondling me. Creep!

So the groper kept it up feeling my boob, and running his finger over my nipple but when he finally moved his hand down, he did what I was dreading. He put his hand under the hem of my shirt and reached up to pull my bra down letting my tit come completely out of the bra cup. He grabbed hold of my tit and was pulling on my nipple. I'm not sure if he could see the old man looking but he worked my shirt up and my tit was completely exposed. I was mortified but frozen. The old man stared as my breast was fully exposed, then looked back out the window. He was probably still watching in the reflection. Thank god he wasn't nearer or he might've grabbed my other boob. Now my biggest fear was someone seeing and thinking what a skank I was with my tit hanging out.

The groper was cupping and fondling my bare boob when I was reminded of the pressure against my butt as he pushed really hard against my butt crack and it was unmistakeable that it was his dick he was pressing into my ass as he started rocking it back and forth against me. I was wearing lightweight pants and the worst happened when I felt a dampness on my lower back and backside. The hardness of his dick was disappearing but he was still holding onto my tit and pressing me back into him. With a couple more squeezes he haphazardly pulled my bra back over my boob and let my shirt fall back down and I was more or less covered again.

His timing did not seem coincidental as the bus slowed down to stop at the first place where a lot of people typically got off. People shifted to the left and right of me as passengers worked their way through to the exits, or moved around taking advantage of the extra space to spread out a little. I tried to look around a little at the people getting off or moving behind or beside me but no one was especially looking at me and I realized that I wouldn't have any idea what kind of person to suspect of being a perv groper. The rest of the ride to my stop, I looked at everyone I could see but no one was an obvious suspect which made every male a possible suspect. I found myself wondering if it could be that homely looking guy or that dignified businessman. I just didn't know.

Unfortunately that bus is the only one I can take, it's not like I can wait for the next one (that would be at least an hour) nor get an earlier one (I can't get out of work that early). That incident occurred on a Wednesday and I called in sick Thursday and Friday, it was kind of true. I did feel sick. But I was worried about getting back on the bus and also hoped that maybe he would think I wasn't a regular passenger if he returned and didn't see me again.

I went back to work on Monday, I found myself scrutinizing everyone that got on or off the bus. I have seen sleeping woman again. I wanted to be angry with her but really, it wasn't her fault. I also saw creepy old man. At first I was embarrassed knowing he saw my bare, exposed tit but that was soon replaced by anger and revulsion that he was not man enough to intervene or at the very least, look away! So life got back to normal but I haven't a clue if he was just on that bus that one day or if he is watching me everyday or fondling the girl or woman next to me. I don't know if he knows where I live or if he follows me. I change my walking routes, and coming and going routines frequently.

People say they fantasize about shit like this and maybe if you keep it in your little fantasy world it can be hot or exciting but the reality is far from that. It's creepy and scary. I threw out all the clothes I wore that day. Taking off my trousers made my stomach turn and the shower could not be hot enough or long enough to make me feel clean. I think twice about how much I'm carrying with me because with my one arm full and the other hanging on the the handhold, I was completely exposed and vulnerable, and unable to respond. I also find myself thinking twice when I start to put on a skirt, or pants that are thinner material, or a top that could have made my boobs even more accessible.

It's changed my life in good ways (because I'm more aware) but mostly bad because I never feel totally secure. No one should have to feel that way just walking out their door and living life.

10 months ago

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    • You should go to the cops. They'll put an undercover lady cop on that bus with her hands occupied. They love nailing perverts.

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