Small penis & wanting to share me with bigger?

In our mid 30s and married for 10 years.
Our sex-life like most became less frequent to about once a month.
Not that it was ever great, he was always conservative in bed, intercourse lasts about five minutes and he has a small penis.
A couple of years ago he commented about penis size and this led to sex toys that gradually got bigger.
With that came dirty talk, an increase of sex and I slowly began to realize he enjoyed watching me take bigger phallic toys.
He began to open up verbally and also encouraging me to do so which I obliged.
Things really opened up with him buy a cock sheath, the first of several and more recently we have been role-playing.
This involves him being a well hung man and me being a seduced wife.
The sex has been amazing, the large cock sheath feels incredible and I orgasm which is something he has never come close to achieving.
We have talked in depth and he wants to share me with well hung men while watching.
I want to but worry about it affecting our relationship.
He is sure it won't as long as we communicate everything.
Any thoughts, advice from others?

16 days ago


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    • My wife and I swapped with another couple who were really close friends. The other male is very well hung and last much longer than I ever could. My wife just went crazy having sex with him. While she never orgasmed with me, she had multiple orgasms every time with him. Eventually it was just the two of them enjoying sex together as the other wife was not that interested in me. I was happy for her having so much fun but it ended when our friend got promoted and moved far away.

    • My wife says my 4.5 inch cock is okay but she had an affair that lasted many months with her first boyfriend. She said we were about the same size but years later revealed he was bigger. I just knew it all along. I say be cautious going forward. Once you go down this road you can't undo it.

    • I was in a similar situation, where sex with my husband was great, with one exception: I could never cum from PV sex alone. He's had the biggest penis I ever experienced to that point, filling but not massive. I had written off the possibility of ever achieving PV orgasm.

      One of my fantasies was to experience double penetration, so we bought a dildo. I choose an 8 inch one, longer and thicker than my husband. Neither of us expected it to happen, but I came hard while riding that dildo. By the time my husband managed to mount me, I was shaking and laughing uncontrollably.

      We'd often roleplay about having threesomes and I could feel my husband being so much harder during those sessions. During one session, he jerked off for me while I rode the dildo. We were both so turned on, that a discussion about bringing another man in our sex lives came naturally.

      Long story short, it happened, with a man that rivalled my dildo in size and much larger than my husband in stature. It was the hardest fucking of my life and I loved it. I had my first multiple orgasm while him and my husband double teamed me. My husband was rock hard again in minutes, after seeing me screaming and crying under this stranger.

      We now have an understanding, where we use this man as a fuck toy now and then, when I feel like getting a good seeing to. Highly recommended, but only if you can separate lust from love.

    • Dont do it. Dont let the genie out of the bottle. It will affect everything.

    • My dick is 5 " hard I know penis is small . My wife says its find but finally said i can get a cock sheath to fuck her if i want. If that ain't telling me my dick ain't small.

    • Seems like you already have experience of this based on the comment you made on another post

    • Don't do it

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