Mother-in-Laws Sexy Feet

Wish I could post a pic of the feet that started it all…

15 days ago

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    • I wish I could post a picture of my mother-in-laws feet so everyone could see them. She just got a tattoo on the top of her foot and was showing it off to everyone in the family. I got a couple of nice pics!

    • Does your mother-in-law have nicer feet than your wife?

    • Yes she does. Her toes are perfectly symmetrical and has a high arch. My wife has a stupid longer second toe and is flat footed. My mother-in-law spends most of the summer either in thong sandals or barefoot. She know I like her feet as she has caught me a few times staring at them.

    • How old is your mother-in-law?

    • She's 54

    • Hey Dickhead yeah i'm talking to you, i'm getting tired of you talking shit about feet on this site. Was your dick kicked so much that you have a disdain for feet? Well fuck you, you homophobic bigot, why are you even on this site and you sure like to come back to respond to every comment because you clearly have no life and like to ruin every confession on this site because you're a dumbfuck with no life.

      I bet you're some Trump Supporter who sits in his trailer all day watching Fox News while cooking his meth and having sex with your sister and yet you think the Foot Sniffers are a problem to you and so does the Underwear Models because you're ugly and the only pussy you ever get is grabbing your sister's by her.

      I Hope you die of Covid you fucking loser and it would be one less piece of white trash on this planet that no one will miss. In fact I hope you get your dick cut off too so that way you and your sister don't spawn anymore inbred fucks like you.

    • Katewife,
      I know there are a lot more guys who have a thing for women's feet than they will admit. As a guy, when I first met my wife she thought my fetish was gross and disgusting. She then realized that it was such a turn on for her. Now, she loves having her feet worshipped, especially at the end of the day. She has cute size 6 feet!

    • I think you are right. A few guys have been really into it once they realise I am too. Your wife is a lucky woman! x

    • I love having my feet played with. I wish more guys were into it.

    • Where you at sweetie? I can literally I’m 10 times a day looking at my mother-in-laws sexy ass feet. Drives me insane!

    • I'm in the UK. Oh and I'm barefoot right now...

    • I’m your guy

    • My favourite sexual position is on my back with my legs up so you can suck my toes as you penetrate me. Sound good?

    • If you have sexy feet, I would bend you over backwards and suck each and every one of your toes while I fuck your pussy with reckless and carefree abandonment! Sound good?

    • Oh god yes that sounds amazing! x

    • I would fuck you missionary and hold your feet together by the ankles, stopping only to lick your soles and suck your toes!

    • I would cum so hard if you did that

    • Trust me. Ms. Kate… I would worship your beautiful feet while I fuck that sweet pussy. You have to let me fuck your ass too!

    • Suck my toes and I'll pretty much do ANYTHING...

    • I get hard just hearing how much your into having your feet worshipped. I want your soft feet stroking my cock while I run my tongue over your clit and lick that sweet ass! Did I mention how much I love it when my wife literally fucks my ass with her tongue? I’m sure she would love to have her face under your pussy while I shove my hard cock in and out of your pussy!

    • Mmm yes please. Maybe you can watch your wife lick your cum off my feet while I take her toes in my mouth xxx

    • The wife loves it that way! I love it when her feet are a bit stinky after working all day. At the last minute I pull out and cum on her toes.

    • Do you want swap pics of your feet in the air while whomever is pounding your pussy with pics of mine showing my mother-in-laws’s gorgeous feet covered with my hot cum?

    • You have no idea!

    • Very

    • My wife has the best feet, love to cum on them and lock it off

    • Does your wife have cute feet too

    • My wife’s feet are no where near as sexy as her mothers. I’ve told my wife I can literally get off over and over just thinking about her mom rubbing her feet on my cock

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