Cock sucking sissy

When my mother didnt have the money to pay for her drugs she would let men fuck her in trade. She took me every where she went and would have sex right in front of me . One night her dealer told her that he would give her double if I sucked his cock. I had watched her do it but had no idea what she did or how but getting a gram for free sounded great to her . She had me lick and kids the mans cock for awhile then made me take it in my mouth and she explained what to do . I didn't know any better but it felt so exciting and his cock tasted and felt so good in my mouth and it made me feel so special when I made him cum and it tasted pretty good to me . Afterwards she told me that she loved me and I was a good boy for doing that for her. We talked about it and she laughed when I told her that I liked it and wanted to do it again. She told me that it made her so happy to hear that because it really helped her out . The next day we went to see that man again and he got naked and mom told me to suck his cock till he told me I could stop and that's what I did while they got high. Everyday we visited him and I got to where I could suck cock as long as I was told to and my mouth didn't get tired out for a long time so I got to suck other Mens cocks too which made me so happy . Now that I am older I suck men's cocks to pay for my drugs . Get me high and I will suck cock all night

10 months ago

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    • I have sucked cock and gotten fucked in the ass for drug money.

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