Fore Filling Her Sex Wants

I never thought my brother and I would cave in to our mother's crazy sexual desires. A few years back we would of humped her instantly when she was hot looking. Now she's a short blonde tit less chunky mature woman with a gut that shows out. My brother and I found out from grandma that our mother was in a slump. She wanted sex but her hubby has been ignoring her.
My brother and I didn't know what to do. The three of us was on the sofa and my brother and I was playing a video game. Mom got up and paraded around the room flashing her body somewhat to us. " Mom! what the hell you're doing! " my brother and I asked her. " Trying to get you're attention like the way both of you wanted me before I fattened up. Maybe this will help. " as she rubbed our privates and undid our pants grabbing our penises. She then told us she'll please us if we screw her and began sucking our dicks, This was the mom we knew.
She sat back on the sofa pulling our cocks. My brother and I rubbed her belly and pushed up her top exposing the dark nipples. He and I started to lick them and started to finger her. " Give me a chance to undress and the two of you can do the same." While we was off the sofa she went down holding our dicks and blowing them. We took turns rubbing our dicks on her nipples. She then went on the sofa and open her fat thighs asking one of us to pound her. I went first and she took my brother's dick in her mouth. Then she tells my brother to suck and lick her juices while she watches me trying to masturbate into her mouth. While I was jerking off,I began to pinch and squeeze her nipples and my brother rubbed and squeezed her belly as he ate her.
He pulled her rigid clit that was poking out of her clean shaven snatch with his mouth. She rolled on her belly and directed my brother to sit in front of her face and gulped down his cook while I pounded her doggy style. We all climaxed at the correct moment.
My brother and I couldn't believe our mom became a MILF.

10 months ago

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    • I love this story!

      - The Anti-Incest Warrior

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