How can I get my boyfriend to give me oral sex?

I have been with my boyfriend for 5 months. We get along well, we have fun, we're attracted to each other and have similar interests and values. The only issue is with sex. He has given me oral sex once, but it was only for about a minute and I did not have an orgasm as that's not long enough. Lately I told him, " I bet you'd be really good at oral sex, I'd love to teach you how to do it." He said, "I'm not quite ready to do that yet." I figured he did not know how to give oral sex to a woman, and so we've been using a vibrator first and then he fucks me. I have been loving this. So 2 days ago he told me he wanted to make love to me Friday night, but didn't because he knew I'd want to use my vibrator and he doesn't want to stand there for 30 minutes while I get myself off. I have to use it on myself, he doesn't use it on me. I suck his cock the entire time I'm using the vibrator on myself by the way while he stands next to the bed. Now I'm frustrated because he doesn't give me oral sex, and now he doesn't want us to use the vibrator "every time." He feels he's not good enough for me because I use my vibrator. He said, "One day that thing is going to replace me." Women need clitoral stimulation and I love to get fucked right after that. I enjoy sex with him, but I was spoiled by my ex husband who gave me an orgasm with oral sex first before we had intercourse every single time we had sex. I loved it and I miss this. I thought my boyfriend would enjoy seeing me cum period no matter how we do it. I am not looking forward to sex anymore and it's making me feel a bit depressed.

10 months ago

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    • Alright, tonight was the night everyone! He told me he's not getting everything he wants in our sexual relationship, but he was OK with not having it. It's anal. I won't do it. But I will fuck him anytime he wants to, and I do give him a BJ every time we have sex. I told him I'm not getting everything I want sexually either. Like what? Like oral sex I told him. So he went down on me tonight in bed and he did it very well. After he went down on me, he sat me on his face himself! Ha. I was so surprised. He's done this before. He made me cum ( I always cum with him during sex as I will make sure I get my orgasm too) and then he smiled when he hears my, "Oh, fuck, OMG, don't stop" and drags me over to him and fucks the hell out of me. It's very fun and sexy being with him. He's the most fun in bed and I have the best orgasms with him that I've ever had. I'm not leaving this man for anyone.

    • Glad it worked out for you both, sounds like you have an amazing partner there x

    • I would be happy to trade. She won't let me give her oral. I need it so bad.

    • Yeah just start blowing him and reposition into 69..... if he doesnt munch it then somethings up, he's not that bright IMO, missing out on the best part!

    • At 18 my oral was lacking, I didn't enjoy it and it showed. I met a much older married babe (Lynda 36) at a club. I guess she sorta gave me Cunnilingus For Dummies course. "Lick it like you mean it Baby Boy, deep deeper, swirl, slurp it deeper -- I'll suck your dick." In no time I got her off every time and she'd suck my dick. I was good at it and I had some kind of dog whistle "this guy will lick your pussy good and love it." I soon added 2 Prom Queens, 4 nurses (lived near a hospital) and a former nun to my FWB Club, all I first gave oral to. Lynda and 1 nurse would only suck my dick, but who doesn't like that.

    • Maybe he doesn’t like the scent of your pussy? Ask him why

    • I think you need to have an honest conversation with him and tell you exactly how you feel and what you enjoy in bed (maybe leave out the part about your ex). Find out why he doesn't like going down on you - there may be some reason behind it that he's hesitant to discuss. It sounds to me like he's inexperienced and maybe needs you to teach him. But don't sacrifice your own pleasure - be firm with him if necessary!

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