Penis pills

Yesterday was a long day on the farm working with our fish tanks, chicken coops, and vegetable crops. I came in before dinner with a bad headache. I asked my dad for some Tylenol. My mom said we don’t have any but there is a pack of headache pills in the kitchen drawer. I went in and the only pills I found were red ones so I grabbed them and confirmed with my mom. She told me to take 2 with a full glass of water. After dinner we were all sitting on the couch watching tv and taking it easy. My dad went into the kitchen and opened the same drawer. I noticed he picked up the same pack, turned around, and asked if anyone took these pills. I said I had a headache and took two. He said those weren’t pills for headaches but for something else. I asked if I will be ok and he grinned and said yes with a chuckle. I thought he was joking so I forgot all about it. Half way through the movie I felt my boxers getting tight around my groin area. Then I got so hard it was poking straight up and hard like I never felt it before. My mom seen me readjusting and she whispered in my ear now you know what those pills were with a smile. She gave me a blanket and told me to pull my boxers down to help with the tension. I did as she told me and I was sitting but naked on the couch with my family and a boner that was pulsing like bass drum.

10 months ago

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    • I gave my father viagra when they first came out,as I'm a nurse I had access to them! I told him to only take one and told my mother to! I was working nights and my mother rang me around lunchtime midweek, you better come and take a look at your father she said! Dad was on the couch with a cushion on his lap! How many did he take mum? 3 he told me! 3!!! Well they worked hun! I can see that mum! Stand up Dad I said! Take your trousers down! Are you sure love! I'm a nurse Dad! Please! My father's cock nearly hit me on the face! Jesus Christ mum! Look at the size of it! My dad's cock was easily 10 inches long and rock hard! Don't be embarrassed now I said but have you cum yet? I can't he said! You're going to have to try Dad! 10 minutes later and nothing! My dad was out of breath! Mum have a go I said! I watched my mother wanking my dad off to no avail! Cmon dad I said cum for us!! Im trying to!! Give him a blowjob mum! What!! Go ahead! I was impressed that she got her mouth around it! Dad was enjoying the attention and started groaning! Yeah that's it! I was getting aroused and offered to help! Have a break mum! I took my jacket off and kneeled down infront of my father and played with his cock asking him if he was enjoying it? I gave my mum a naughty look before I swallowed my dad's huge cock! It felt amazing in my mouth then I ran my tongue up and down his veiny shaft looking up to him as I did it! Cum for me dad!!! I wasn't wearing a bra,I stopped for a second taking my t shirt over my head! Cum on my tits dad as I tossed him off! The biggest load of spunk covered my chin and tits!! There you go! You should be fine now dad as I got dressed, mum anymore problems you know what to do

    • I powdered the viagra pill and mixed in the drink and made my wife to drink it. But nothing happened.

    • You're supposed to give them to her horse

    • Do you find that your stallion stays harder and longer when he fucks you after you give it viagra?

    • You got a boner watching a movie with the family ? What were you watching, "Deliverance" ? Cue up the banjos, Gomer.

    • We like watching Deliverance.
      Especially the part where you start squealing like a pig.

    • I get a boner just day dreaming.

    • Your mom should have given you a bj to relieve your tension around the cock.

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