Penis pills

Yesterday was a long day on the farm working with our fish tanks, chicken coops, and vegetable crops. I came in before dinner with a bad headache. I asked my dad for some Tylenol. My mom said we don’t have any but there is a pack of headache pills in the kitchen drawer. I went in and the only pills I found were red ones so I grabbed them and confirmed with my mom. She told me to take 2 with a full glass of water. After dinner we were all sitting on the couch watching tv and taking it easy. My dad went into the kitchen and opened the same drawer. I noticed he picked up the same pack, turned around, and asked if anyone took these pills. I said I had a headache and took two. He said those weren’t pills for headaches but for something else. I asked if I will be ok and he grinned and said yes with a chuckle. I thought he was joking so I forgot all about it. Half way through the movie I felt my boxers getting tight around my groin area. Then I got so hard it was poking straight up and hard like I never felt it before. My mom seen me readjusting and she whispered in my ear now you know what those pills were with a smile. She gave me a blanket and told me to pull my boxers down to help with the tension. I did as she told me and I was sitting but naked on the couch with my family and a boner that was pulsing like bass drum.

18 days ago

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    • You got a boner watching a movie with the family ? What were you watching, "Deliverance" ? Cue up the banjos, Gomer.

    • I get a boner just day dreaming.

    • Your mom should have given you a bj to relieve your tension around the cock.

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