21 straight (m) got gangbanged by 5 guys (part 2)

They never gave me clothes, but the fact that i was sitting in a corner all naked in a room full of guys made me kind of excited and i was already super horny. Later the guy who was driving invited me to a room to speak in private about my photos. As soon as we entered the room, he locked the door and put me on my knees and whipped his big white cock out! He demanded me to suck his dick! I begged saying no and that im straight. But he said if didn't suck his dick, he will post my photos in the internet. So i reluctantly grabbed his dick and put it in my mouth... after a minute or too i started getting into it and started liking the taste of his 7 inch cock! He then pulled his dick out of my mouth and pushed me to the bed and told me to get on all fours for him. He was bigger than me, in 5'8 and have a just a slightly muscular body, he was 6'2 i guess and was definitely working out. Most of the guys were actually. Almost everyone was 6 feet. I was intimidated by him and did as he said. He then licked my asshole and placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of my ass. He then slowly inserted it in me and then without wasting any time, he started fucking me hard! He didn't need any lube because i drooled all over his cock. He then switched positions and made me get on top and fuck him reverse cowgirl. I listened and did as he said. After a while he pushed me away and rold me to get my knees again. And then he put is cock in my mouth again and face fucked me and then came in my mouth! I was about to spit it out but he held my mouth closed and made me swallow it! He then opened the door for his friends and they all fucked me like i was some fuck doll! They fucked me for hours and hours and by the end everyone has cum in my ass, made me swallow their cum or cum on my face and body.

After they fucked me my ass was too much in pain. They helped me find my clothes and dropped me home. They took my phone number to plan another day like that! I am straight, but for those 5 guys? They can fuck me whenever they want!

P.s. i realize some people won't believe this story, but it's 100% true. Please dont puth ate comments! Thanks!

10 months ago


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    • I want to join and get fucked too

    • I would love to be taken like this,I'm bi curious virgin cherry horny n willing

    • Are you in Melbourne? We can meet up sometime...

    • Congratulations! Do you still walk around nude?

    • Yes i do! Are you from Melbourne? Email me anonymouss3x@outlook.com and i might let you catch me ;)

    • Yes i do! I just did yesterday as well! Are you from Melbourne?

    • What state

    • Melbourne, Victoria

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