21 straight (m) got gangbanged by 5 guys. (Part 1)

So this happened just a few days ago. Recently i have been feeling adventurous and i would go out in public between 12am to 2am and would strip down come naked in a park or a walking trail or a public ground and walk around or masterbate. There are times i would walk 2 or 3km away from where i left my clothes, having to cross roads and streets. This particular day i got extra horny and decided that i do the same. So i stripped down completely, and heid my clothes and i started to go on my usual trail, but instead of stopping where i usually do, i decided to cross a highway and to be extra, i decided to take photos in the middle of the road (since its lockdown and we have curfew the roads are super empty). Just as i was about to leave the road, i got seen by a passing car coming from behind with 3 guys in it, turns out they were planning to go drink in another guys house. They stopped me and took some photos of me (turns out the guys dash cam has also captured me) and asked me what i was doing and some other questions i dont remember. I pleaded them to delete my pictures but they said no. Then they suggested i go with them to their small party if they want me to delete the photos. I did.

19 days ago

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