Secretly laughing my ass off

My wife and twenty or so of her Bible thumping friends have been protesting outside the school board office about the new sex education curriculum the government has brought in. This had been going on for two weeks with several warnings from the police to knock it off. Well, finally the police have had enough. Today is Friday and this afternoon the police arrested the whole bunch. Twenty-two of the finest self righteous women you can find have been hauled down to the police station. The ladies had been warned but they wanted to be arrested as part of their protest to create more media coverage about the terrible government teaching LGBT issues in school. The only hitch in their plan is that they didn't realize what being arrested involves if the police want to teach you a lesson. Arrested on Friday afternoon means no court appearance until Monday morning and since you are being held longer than just overnight and because of the large number of detainees, they were sent to the regional correctional center. So what, they said. We are creating good media attention, they said. Except that at the regional correction center strip searching is mandatory and I mean a full search. My wife is outraged! She had to remove all of her clothes, lift her btreasts, bend over and spread. They looked up her proper and her wahoo. All the thumper got owned. On Monday they will be released with a court date. We are going to sue, they say. Sue the police, sue the government, sue the jail. Sue everyone but themselves since none of this was their fault. They have their media attention now because everyone is not only getting a good laugh but also fantasing about being the guard who saw gem bent over with their big old floppies hanging halfway to the floor spreading their hairy holes for our flashlights.

24 days ago

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    • You're a douche bag liar. Being arrested for peacefully protesting? Shut the fuck up, you little sissy maggot. I'd crush your pathetic face in person for being such a lying faggot coward.

    • Nope, they should sue themselves, and those invasive flashlights, and you too for shitting out such complete crap !

    • You’re usually giddy about having another opportunity to eat more shit.

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