Jacking off in the barracks

I was 19 and in the Army, on my bed in the barracks in just a tee shirt and socks, boxers on the floor across the room in front of my wall locker. My door was locked, so I felt comfortable I wouldn't be walked in on, I had my own room at the time. I was taking my time and really getting into it. Wiggling my little ass, moving my hips, caressing my balls and ass, gently squeezing my ass while I stroked my dick. I was fondling my balls and running my fingers over and around my asshole. I even slapped my own ass a couple times. It was hot as fuck so I had the window open. I was workin' that dick for close to an hour, writhing, moaning, and whining like a little girl...I had music playing just loud enough to drown out my moans and whines. Anyway, finally, finally my body is convulsing and I'm shooting ribbons of thick cum all over my chest and face...then...cheers. I look up to see about 8 guys in the window of a room in the barracks across from mine. They were cheering and screaming "FAG!" and all kinds of shit. I jumped up and turned off the lights and shut my curtains. I was terrified, and these guys kept hooting and hollering, calling me faggot, it was horrible. I thought for sure I was going to have to kill myself, no shit. I braced myself for the bullying I knew was coming, but it never came. In fact, the next weekend one of those guys fucked me. We became jackoff buddies and fucked around for a year until I ETSed.

10 months ago


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    • Exceptionally dubious post. In reality, they would've given you the mother of all blanket parties.

    • Liar. You’re too stupid to have enlisted or gotten drafted.

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