Sex Doll

When I was in the army a buddy of mine had a blowup sex doll folded up on a shelf in his bathroom. My dick got hard as fuck when I found it and the mouth was still lubed up from the last time he fucked it and my dick slid into it so nicely. It felt so good I couldn’t stop in time and I shot a load inside it…so the next time my buddy fucked that sex doll’s “mouth”, that big nigger dick got slathered with my cum.

2 months ago

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    • Jealous much?
      Isn’t Big Mike packing your chute to your satisfaction anymore?

      Maybe you’re too loose for him.

      Are you wearing adult diapers now?

    • Was it a vibrating device/one as you fucked the mouth?

    • You two shared a broke back mountain night and pointed fingers at a blowup doll

    • We know you don’t use a blowup doll.
      You have a stable of hobos to satisfy your bukkake lust.

    • Still lubed up from last time he used it?
      Then who's to say that your dick got slathered with his cum.

    • Don’t you remember licking it off me?

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