I worked as a sex worker

I had some good curves when I was growing up but I was incredibly dumb, I would barely pass school. So one day, as I was returning from school, a guy walked to me and passed me a flyer, he told me to consider it and left immediately. I read the flyer and realised it was a job as a sex worker. I decided to try it out and ever since then I faked going to school but actually started working. The pay was decent and after my parents found out as the school notified them that I was absent for 3 weeks, I was kicked from the house. So I started to earn money for myself and eventually managed to rent a room and sustained myself. I am currently 26 years old with 8 years of experience, until today, I am still unsure what I did was right or wrong.

10 months ago


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    • My wife worked in a massage parlor when she was in college, she made great money, so no need to deal with loans.
      I asked her about that, she said she gave literally thousands of "handys", is what she called it, but other than letting them see and play with her tits, that is all she did.
      She still had $40K in the bank when we got married.
      I asked her if she was interested in working still, she said no, the 3 years she did was enough.
      So only a couple of guys that recognized her have any idea, my wife has had every size and color of a dick in her hands, and for me, she is wonderful at it.
      She knows every trick there is, and is faithful to me completely, since she has been there and done that.
      She also told me she loved doing it, the guys were so appreciative.

    • Have you hurt anyone? I’m not talking about hurting someone feelings but has your choice to be a sex worked hurt anyone physically? I’ll answer for you, NO.

      Now if, and I’m assuming by “sex worker” you mean stripping, escort, whatever and a man, a husband came to see you and his wife found out and she divorced him, is that your fault? Did you hurt him or his wife? Again, I’ll answer for you, NO!

      He made his decision to see a sex worker for whatever reason he did. His wife made the decision to divorce him for whatever reason she did.

      How happy was he in his marriage if he made the conscious decision to go to a sex worker? Is he just an asshole or is his wife a nag and doesn’t have sex with him? No one really knows except for the husband and the wife, and I bet if you asked them separately about their marriage you would get two vastly different answers.

      People have to be and take responsibility for their lives, actions and the decisions they make. You made yours and who is to judge you for making the decision you did? No one.

      Take a breathe and move your life forward. You cannot be or take responsibility for others and their decisions.

    • Well, without women in that business a lot of men would not have someone to get their freak on. I myself have a foot and shoe fetish. Hiring essential workers such as yourself to lick their shoes, suck their toes, and get trampled is very convenient. Thank you for filling that position.

    • Why ? Did you get an insurance plan through the business ?

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