GF convinced by my mom to give my dad her butt

Very recently, my GF decided to spend some time with my parents. She convinced me she wanted some one on one time with them. As she was getting ready, showering, I noticed her phone go off and it was from my mom.
I looked to see what she said to relay to my GF. What I found was a series of texts basically convincing my GF to let my dad pop her anal cherry. My GF has a nice butt from working out and my dad wanted a piece.
I said nothing of it. My GF left and didn't end up coming back home till around 230ish A.M. She passed right out, and I checked her phone. The messages were deleted, but she had pictures. A selfie of her blowing my dad. A pic my dad took of her from behind, with my mom spreading her ass cheeks apart while my dad was pushing his cock head against her anus.
A few more pics of various angles of him fucking her ass. Her eating mom out while dad continued taking her butt.
Not sure how I feel about it still, but I sent most of them to myself. I feel so upset yet I've masturbated numerous times looking at the pictures. Things have been off, and my GF has noticed, but I've said nothing.
I'm torn on it. Kinda thinking about bringing it up to them all together, and maybe asking if I can watch this time.

10 months ago

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    • The Anti-Incest Warrior is a Fucking Retard!

    • Why not ask her to do anal with you?

    • Life is hard, but it's harder when you're stupid.

    • Little confused. What's stupid here?

    • You, your story, your life, etc.

    • Lol so weird when people come to a site like this just to be bitter.

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