Young Hard bodies are inviting...Either Sex!

In 1975 I went to a Party where everyone was drinking Magnums of Pink Champagne, and we ended up Gathering in a Mattress room! Mattresses from wall to wall! I had just started Peaking on some Good Acid. Gorgeous Woman, Nice Tits and Asses Everywhere, but after I took turns with as many horney girls that I gave an Orgasm to, I was leaving the area to find my clothes and wallet. All of a sudden, this "Stunning", Silver Haired Man told me to 'Follow Him' to the 'Crash Area ', to Sleep? I Thought? O.K!
He was tall and thin, but muscular. He asked me if I was Hungry? I said "No" , and Then He Said He was 'Hungry for ME"!
His penis was perfect in every way, it bulged out to perfection, at least 8 inches, and the Head was So Perfect! when I whispered to him I wanted Cum in My Mouth!
We ended up spending 5 days together, he calmed me down and relax for Me to finally Enjoy Anal Sex! It was AWESOME! Now? Still IS!!!!

10 months ago

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    • Luved the early to mid-70's ! Glam rock, Colombian weed, mushrooms and Quaaludes ! I was too poor for cocaine, but, was game if anybody was offering a bump or two. Got my first pussy in '73, was almost attacked by a thirty-six year old battle axe and head case. Not a proud moment, but, it was pretty good sex. Because Lou Reed suggested I walk on the wild side, and Bowie sang about men, well-hung with Snow White tans, I indulged my bisexual side as well. Oh, who am I trying to kid ? I sucked cock long before my own cock ever parted the lips of a pussy !

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