Black Domination

My husband is very nice.
Am I wrong to want to be dominated by a muscular Black man

29 days ago

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    • I have sex with sex well endowed black lovers . My husband knows nothing about it at all. He's your average little dick white man. He's never given me one orgasm . I let him fuck me and my mind is always elsewhere. Please someone take him . I'll pay you. I'll fuck you too.

    • It happened to me when I was in high school and I'd broken up with my boyfriend my now husband. I was asked out by a black man in town for training and it was only supposed to be a friendship relationship and it was supposed to be pizza and watching a ballgame with him. It was my fault for "trying to look cute" in team attire, jersey, way too short Jean skirt and team panties. Of course the team panties weren't to be seen, ya right. He was in them before the 2nd inning and had hit a home run and the seventh-inning stretch was really a thick black 7-1/2 inches stretching my used to my 15 year old boyfriend's 4-1/2" little boy's penis.
      After a month of "Ball" games with him I missed it.
      My problem now is I'm newky married and my boyfriend's and my hubby's cute but not quite as "Full-filling!" So I've given in to urges.

    • They wuz both sharin' Karen on the subject of disease.

    • Wouldn't necessarily call it racist. Lots of people are into interracial and raceplay. It's all about how you go about it.

    • Yes it’s wrong you racist bitch. Why must he be black?

    • Hahaha

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