Cock sucking encouragement

My exwife was a bit of a freak in bed. She wanted to know what my naughtiest fantasies were. I told her that I’d like for her to fuck me and another guy together. So she let me do this several times.

Then one day she told me that she would like to see me sucking another guys cock. After that admission, she started bringing home play girl magazines and showing me these good looking men with their huge rock hard cocks. We started watching gay porn together. She would say “oh! He has a nice cock! I’d love to watch you sucking his dick. “. Over time she got me to admit that I would suck a man’s cock for her. She then went to work thinking of ways to make it happen.

We were out one night at a crowded bar. She spotted a guy and told me that he was the one. She went and talked to him, sat down at his table. They were having what looked like an intense conversation. They got up and danced. She let him put his hands all over her ass. She was whispering in his ear. When the song was over, they came and sat down at our table.

She calmly said that he was going home with us. “I told him he could fuck me if he would also let you suck his cock tonight. He knows that you want to”. I was embarrassed but she said don’t worry. I want this too. We are just playing together. Enjoy it.

And so we went home. We got into bed. She was in charge. She directed every activity. She started fondling his cock and got it very hard. She sucked him for a while. She had me come closer to watch. Then she held his cock in her hand and pointed it towards my face. She put her other hand on the back of my neck and gently pushed my face closer to his hard on. “Open your mouth sweetheart “. I did. I let his dick slide across my lips into my mouth. “Suck it the way you like yours sucked baby”. I began to suck his cock. It felt weird at first,but soon I was sucking on it like a pro. She was cooing and telling me how sexy I looked sucking him off. The was rubbing her pussy telling me to keep going. “Don’t stop. Let him cum in your mouth “. Truth is there was no way I was going to stop. I wanted him to make him cum. When he did, it was a lot. I couldn’t swallow it all. Some of it ran down my chin and dripped onto my on hard dick. She quickly rubbed it all around my cock and started jerking me off. I came hard. She had my cum in her hand and she pressed her hand to my lips and made me lick my cum too.

There is more to this story but that is the part that I wanted to tell. 😮

10 months ago


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    • I need a cock to suck now in Milford ct,,I’ve sucked a few before in my younger days, 64, decent shape, shaved

    • I’m talking now as on Sunday afternoon, it’s 1:10 pm, clock is ticking

    • Would love to suck your cock

    • You have one heck of bitchen wife . I’ve never had another mans cock in my mouth, I guess I’d try it if i had the same encouragement you did. I don’t know if I could swallow his cum though. Was It as tough as I think it would be ?

    • The trick is to not cum beforehand. When I'm horny and turned on I love sucking cock and can't wait to get that load of cum to swallow! But once I orgasm my interest diminishes.
      When I first got into playing with other guys that was a requirement, as once I came I was done. As time has gone by and I've gotten more experience and more comfort, I still want to suck cock even after having a couple of orgasms. If it's a stranger though I'm still much less likely to swallow it after cumming, though.

    • I hear you, I’m the same way

    • It was awkward. It was warm. It was salty. But I wanted it. I took as much as I could. I was thinking of all the times that I had cum in her mouth. How hard could it be?

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