Hearing my sister have sex

Alright, so to start out, I recently moved and have been staying with my sister while I'm finding a place. Every few nights, I hear her having sex with her boyfriend since we share a wall and I occasionally watch tv out in the living room. I get super hard and turned on by it.

When I was a teenager, my sister was just starting to become sexually active. She would always ask me for a back rub every Sunday afternoon. Being a cool brother I would always rub her back till she fell asleep. She would always either unclasp her bra or even just take her bra off before I did. Me being an extremely hormonal teenager, would get turned on by the brief moments of seeing her larger boobs hang free of the bra and I would often see her nipples poking through her shirt.

One day she was complaining that her back and ribs hurt from playing volleyball. I offered to give her a backrub since she seemed pretty sore. She took off her bra and asked if I would use some lotion this time (she occasionally asked me to use it). I began giving her a back rub and she asked me to focus on her lower back for a while before asking me to rub her shoulders. She had pulled up her shirt but it kept causing problems so she asked me to turn away while she took off her shirt.
I did try to steal a small glimpse of her taking off her shirt but was afraid of being caught so I looked away but did see a small amount of her side boob. When she told me I was okay I began rubbing her back as she lay face down on her bed. While focusing on her shoulders I noticed she was moaning slightly more than the usual. I chalked it up to her being more sore than usual from volleyball.
After about 10-20 minutes of working her shoulders she asked if I would rub her ribs on the side a little. I did so and noticed she began to moan even more than before. I had watched some porn secretly as it was forbidden in our household and these moans seemed more sexual than just sore muscles. It also seemed like she was grinding her hips against the bed a little. By this time I was fairly turned on and had a bit of an erection.
She then asked if I would rub her ribs in front. She didn't ask me to turn away, she simply held onto a blanket and turned over. I could still see her boobs jiggle as she turned over, despite being covered by a blanket. I started rubbing her ribs and she kept moaning louder this time. She had told me higher so I was rubbing her ribs right below her boobs and the blanket had hiked up enough that I could see the underside of her boobs. Being extremely hormonal and turned on (I had fantasized about my sister a few times during while masterbating) I decided to push my luck and start massaging the bottom portion of her actual boobs. She simply moaned louder and i kept creeping up till I could see the bottom of her areolas.
I'm not sure if it was a slip or intentional but her arm moved and pulled the blanket away with it. One of her boobs was completely exposed and I could see 80% of the other. I went into autopilot and began squeezing and massaging her boobs feeling her nipples getting harder in my hand. She kept moaning and I even began to play with her nipples. After a few minutes of this, she opens her eyes, looks me dead in the eye and says, "lick them please". I started licking on her nipples and sucking on them as I had seen in porn. She was moaning and I was so hard and turned on. She started grabbing and rubbing my dick through my shorts before sitting up.
At this point I was worried she was gonna freak out, but she simply pulled off her booty shorts, and told me to pull mine off too. She then asked me to lick her vagina and I did. I started licking and she kept moaning and whimpering and even said my name a few times. She ended up pushing me on my back, turned around and started sucking on my dick and told me to keep licking. We ended up sixty-nining for a few minutes and I was loving it. Suddenly we heard a noise and my sister jumped up, threw on clothes and told me to get dressed. We were both worried it was our parents.
I did massage her back and boobs a few more times before she got a more serious boyfriend and we never did it again.

Flash forward several years. I'm staying with my sister and every few nights I can hear her having sex, moaning, and grunting. One time she even screamed a little before it turned to a muffled scream. We have never talked about what happened when we were teenagers, but I am getting so turned on by her. I noticed she has started wearing more scandalous clothing around the house and never wears a bra anymore. She has become more interested in my dating life and even has asked if I've hooked up with a few girls I've gone on some dates with. I am so tempted to bring up the subject of what happened all those years ago but I am so worried she will kick me out or it will make things weird. I also am so turned on by her and imagine fucking her every time I masterbate anymore. A huge part of me wishes we wouldn't have gotten scared and fucked as teens. I know it's totally taboo, but at this point, if she made a move, I'd fuck my sister.

10 months ago

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    • Growing up me and my sister took advantage everytime we could and was alone, We bathed together, played with eachother, dry humped eachother, clothed, unclothed, and sis just wearing panties, unloading all over her ass,tits,and pussy when we humped was so amazing!!

    • I understand. Teen sisters have just as hot of bodies and anyone.

    • My sisters tits are gross and she’s a bad fuck so I don’t see what the big deal about incest is it kind of suck tbh so people shot just settle tf down about it

    • Quit whining

    • The Anti-Incest Warrior is a Fucking Retard!

    • My sister and her friend were at our farm helping put up hay. We put it in loose, we didn't have a baler or anything so it was huge work and terribly hot.
      I took off my shirt, before long they both took off theirs also after threatening to beat me up if I told anybody.
      After that, I saw my sister nude a lot, she didn't seem to care any more. I was only 13, she and her girl friend were 15, way too old for me.
      I always want to have sex with either or both of them but never got to, I sure would have if I thought they would let me.
      Lots of times I used the bathroom while my sister was in the tub, she would watch me pee and smile, and once she climbed out and dried off right in front of me. This was after I got a big erection from her watching me pee, it got hard and I couldn't, she thought that was funny.

    • I loved rubbing and massaging my hot older sister's body and tits after she worked a long shift at her part-time waitress job at a pizza and beer place. I'd meet her at her apartment as she got home or was home for a short time, she'd sit on the couch, still in her tight, sexy, zip-down uniform, and I'd unzip it from the back and peel it over her shoulders to give her a direct, extended shoulder, back, and tits massage. It went from a one-night, come here I'll do your shoulders and back thing to her expectation that I'd be there after her shift and take care of her entire body. I even left my own part-time job early a few times just to be there on time for her.

      The after-shift sex was amazing, and also became an us thing. She liked and needed it as much as I did. She kept the waitress uniform after leaving the job (they paid for their own, so it was hers), and I'd sometimes tell her to put it on just so I could unzip and peel it off of her. I worked part time at a garage, so would go to her kind of dirty sometimes, which she liked. After I left there, she'd tell me to wear my spotted, crappy garage jeans and ratty-ass, stained t-shirt I'd often wear there. That uniform was sexy as fuck on her, and taking it off of her really got me hard.

    • As I was watching she came out and asked me what are you watching I said nothing I quickly switch to football highlight she told me I should not hide that she also like to watch we both watch porn and began use her let to be touch my leg I notice she is in the spirit I pretend nothing happen later on she asked me off it I did she plead with that nobody should hear this I said what she asked me to have sex with her I did and was so sweet and she best ever meant in my life we did it 5 times before she get married and will still doing it and nobody knows about it she is so sweet we can stand it we have to continue but always with condom

    • My sister and I grow up together we play and we love ourselves she was 20 and I was 18 she travel to the city to get her own apartment after 6months I went to visit her she was living fine we slept together one night she asked if I have dated any girl in my life I said yes she reply okay!she went to the bathroom to have her bath this time is 10pm I said let quickly watch porn before she came out the bathroom as as

    • This is the hottest thing I've read all day. I don't think she'll kick you out if you bring it up. She knows how loud she's being and that you can hear her. She's probably teasing you.

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