Sisters hot tits

Me and my sister have always been close. i used to spy on her in the shower and when she'd change when we grew up. she's almost 3 years older than me. well, she has always had huge tits and got attention from guys as long as i can remember.
i think she knew when i was spying on her when we were teens. we're now in our 40s and just last year she acted kinda naughty. she flashed me her crotch in her panties to 'show off her legs because she has been working out". i got so turned on and she knew it.

then a couple weeks later she did a fashion show for me and put on a bikini. it was so scandalous. god damn i was turned on like a motherfucker. it was a thing and her nipples we rock hard. i knew then that she was definitely teasing me. i have blown huge loads since that time and ive honestly thought about asking to see her fully nude. i think she would be down. but i think we would get too innappropriate and cross a line. i dont think i want to fuck her. but seeing her bent over with her pussy and ass wide open would make me want to get inside of it. id cum before i even got all the way in i think. her tits are so fucking hot

10 months ago

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    • The mighty anti incest warrior gives this story 3 strokes up!

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