I can't stop thinking about my husbands friend fucking me....

My marriage is great, apart from the sex. My husband is just, well, boring! I've tried spicing it up, but he doesn't seem to get it or make any effort.
These past few months I've found myself having these AMAZING wet dreams about me and one of his friends fucking.
I can't stop thinking about him throwing me up the wall and just fucking me so hard. I want him so, so bad and have no idea if he feels the same. He is a very loyal friend to my husband, and I've never dare to stay in the same room as him for too long because I fear I would lose all self-control.
When I masturbate I think about him and it makes me cum like a train. When I am having sex with my husband, I find myself imagining it's his friend instead and it just really gets me off.
I don't know what to do.
My husband and I have been married for over 10 years, we have 2 children and I do love him.
I feel like fucking his friend would possibly just allow me to get it out of my system as such, but I can hardly just knock on his door and see if he is game, I don't think I could do it to my husband, but my desire for this friend is just burning more and more.


10 months ago


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    • Omg I would do ANYTHING to hear my wife say that about my best friend. I've been fantasizing about just that for 7 years or so. Maybe just bring it up over some drinks. Laugh it off to makes it seem like you're kinda joking just to feel his reaction out. Who knows, he may like it and then you can tell him you're not joking. Seriously, that sounds so hot.

    • Could help you out, discreet

    • Get a job, it is a better use of your time.

    • My wife’s friend was like you, long hugs pressing against me, kisses on the cheek that were too close to my lips, accidentally opening her legs in a dress then smiling. It was very flirty but I never bit. Yet.

    • I’m sure he would fuck you if he knew. Wear something really sexy and revealing next time. Watch his eyes. Catch him looking and smile. A lingering hug. Brush your hand against his crotch perhaps

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