Is it rape

I recently brought my gf a short tight mini skirt and high heel Wedges with a deep v top that splits down her breast, she look very gorgeous and got me in heat really fast. The top was exposing her breast nicely to the open for any one to see and her skirt showed the full length of her legs it ends about a inch under her ass cheeks, it's a very cheeky skirt when ever she bent down or squatted or only after a couple of steps and the skirt would show her ass I thought she looked very sexy especially with her heels they made her legs look very long, I couldnt help my self I hugged her from behind and I helded her nipple by reaching into her shirt. She told me no and slightly slapped my hand but I instantly pushed her into my dresser and held her breast tightly until she moaned and quietly mumbled something it sounded like no but I wanted to make sure so I asked what is it. As I fairly quickly put my dick up her ass cheeks and pushed untill I felt like I was inside her I fucked her for a couple of minutes she didnt say a word but she kept her head down as she was covering her face with her hands I cumed between her ass cheeks and I walked off to get her a towel when I came back she was laying on her side on the bed still covering her face. So I cleaned her up I assumed she was just tired but was still awake she just didnt preferred to talk to me any more nor want to look at me

11 months ago

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    • Even though the little head has no ears, I do believe a proper discussion is in order.

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