Step daughter sex

Last night I went to sleep on the sofa downstairs in the basement !
I had a few to many drinks that day !The next thing I know that I’m being woken up by my step daughter ! She was seatings the table in front of the sofa playing with herself with one hand and the other hand was up my shorts rubbing my cock ! At first I thought it was my wife ! It’s is always dark in the basement and my wife is always really playful when she’s horny ! So I just laid that acting like I’m asleep still! Believe me I enjoying it so much !
Just as I was about to open my eyes I felt 2 really wet fingers being pushed into my mouth !
They tasted so good ! Covered with pussy juice ! Now I’m so hard I’m still thinking it’s my wife! So I told her to pull down my shorts and mount my cock and ride like she always does ! ! When she started to moan I noticed something different about her sounds ! My always made a grunting sound not a moaning sound! !
That’s when I opened up one eye to see who’s on top of me ! Not knowing what she’s looking me dead in my face she pretended that she didn’t see me looking at her! She started to move her bony faster and faster knowing that she’s getting ready for her orgasm ! The next thing I know she was jumping up and down then she throw herself forward on to me ! Before I knew it my hands reached up and grabbed her ass and pulled her down on my cock and shot my load deep inside her tight wet pussy ! When she was done ! She got off of me and e we pies her pussy with her fingers deep inside of her pussy and locked her fingers clean of all my Cumm and her sweet pussy joy ices ! Then she went back upstairs to go to sleep!
The next morning we all got up for breakfast my wife and I already started to cook breakfast for all of use ! So we seat down at the kitchen table to eat !
My wife is seating next to me and my step daughter is seating on the other side of the table in front of me ! She just smiling at my wife and I ! I can fell her bare foot rubbing up and down on my cock under the table ! Knowing what happened with us last night between the 2 of us ! My wife asked her daughter why are you smiling for ! Her reply was she’s just so happy to be able to spend some time with you guys and how last night and how she had so sweet dreams while she was sleeping!!
For me I’m relieved about what happened with us last night with us and my wife / her mom didn’t catch using the act !
But the way she was looking at her daughters face was a little bit odd ! Like she knows something was going on with us last night !
All I know is that happens again I’ll be a very happy man !!
So a few weeks later my wife and I are in bed about to get it in that’s when she told me that she’s knows what happened with me and her daughter a few weeks ago! And my wife is is the one that let it happen!
She actually her step daughter from her ex husband! When I’m not home how they would get in bed together and have oral sex ! My wife’s idea was for the 2 of them have me fuck them together while they are having oral sex !
At first I didn’t really know what to say ! Pausesd for a minutes or 2 ! Then I said if that’s what you really want to happen then I’m ok with that ! The next thing I know my wife jumps out of our bed and running into the other bedroom and a few minutes later they both walked back into out bedroom naked ! Before I was able to say anything the both of them were on top of me so fast ! I had one in my face bent forward sucking on my cock now the 2 of them are sucking my cock and kissing each other ! That’s a night of super hot intense sex that I’ll never forget !
So a few days later they told me that she’s going to move in with us!
From that day on I was able to have sex with them at the same time! Yo be able to watch them going down on each other like each other’s pussys
! Now that’s a dream come true for any man !
I really enjoy it when they on top of each other with her step daughter on top of her licking her pussy while I’m fucking her step daughters pussy and have my wife pull my cock out and suck it a few then put back in her step daughters pussy and let me Cumm inside of her pussy ! And let her step daughter pussy clean !
I’m one lucky man to have a wife like mine !! 👍👍

2 months ago

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