I fucked a really ugly girl.

I fucked a really ugly girl. I was at work and she knocked at the door and I let her in. I had seen her around but didn't know her name. There was nobody there but me and her. We talked for awhile about small stuff and then I told her that I had to start my work and she would have to go. She said she wasn't leaving. I tried to talk her into leaving but she just wouldn't go. So I said I've got to go and start cleaning this restroom. If you come in there I'm going to fuck you. She was a young girl about 17 so I just knew that would scare her away. I left her sitting at the table we were talking at and went to start cleaning the restroom. After a few seconds the restroom door opened and it was her. I walked over to her and grabbed her tight pants and started pulling them down. We fucked right there on the restroom floor. A few days later she came to my job again and we fucked in the kitchen. And I even took her to a motel and got a room and we fucked for hours. I was too embarrassed to let anyone know I was fucking a girl that ugly because a lot of good looking girls were trying to get with me. But I get turned on by whores and I think she was a young whore. I never did learn her name.

1 month ago


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    • So what ! I've been fucking an ugly girl for going on 27 years now. I married the ugliest bitch in town. She gives great head. Plus her pussy is like the best. Just don't look at her naked. You'll vomit if you do. I won't kiss her either. But dam the sex is awesome.

    • Oh God no! That's terrible. Please don't do it anymore. By doing this you are giving them hope. Hope it will happen again. Go get professional help please.

    • She had a nice body though.

    • I love all women. My cock doesn't care whether fat, skinny, homely , or race. My cock just wants the pussy , tits, ass ,and mouth. Enjoy all women.

    • Fucking an ugly broad and taking one for the team, don't make the same mistake and marry her like your daddy did

    • At least I got that pussy.

    • Sick man

    • I know

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