Turning down pussy

Been texting a work colleague and slowly been getting cheeky with her, mainly making her laugh but also letting her know I’m interested.
Things have moved on and we’ve started sending pictures to each other, nothing rude yet!
At six weeks I sent her an old picture of me on holiday, she said I looked gorgeous, after a few other pictures she sent holiday pictures, we are now getting closer.
Fast forward to eight weeks and I’ve changed my mind, we ended up sending naked pictures to each other, everything was ok until I saw a close up of her pussy.
It looked disgusting, red raw, spots, rash and the worst pubic hair maintenance.
Straight away I’m saying to myself, no thanks, nothing about her pussy gets me excited, don’t want to go anywhere near it.
I thought ever pussy looked nice.

2 months ago

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    • Sorry but you sound gay

    • Newsflash for you, sonny. They don't ! And, neither does your dick look good all the time. Why the fuck do you think they call it " bumping uglies " ? But, despair ye not, sometimes the support system surrounding the pussy, you know, the W-O-M-E-N , turns out to be awesome. Grow the fuck up and you might find out !

    • Hahaha dude your so right . Bumping uglies

    • Someone got out the wrong side of the bed this morning

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