My stepmom beat me up and fucked me

It was mid december, my father was out for a few days, as he was a long haul truck driver, leaving me and my stepmom Bernadette home for days at a time, just her and I.

Bernadette loved to slap and playfully punch me in the belly. One night it was just the two of us, sexual tension had built up all day, i had been working out all day and i was pretty pumped and saw her checking me out and she is a sexy slim thick woman, slim waist and big legs and big ass. I had just come out of the shower i was wearing my male thong underwear and had a towel wrapped around my waist and was heading to my room for my clothes, which i conveniently forgot in my room. much to my suprise Bernadette was wearing only her bra and a thong and she was looking at me with hungry eyes, ofcourse i was hard as a rock in seconds, before i could take a step she had my towel off and had me up against the wall, i was kissing her and touching her boobs and i think she got annoyed, she punched me in the gut hard, i bent toward her and she stepped forward catching my face in her cleveage, as i was doubled over she held both my hands behind my back and punched me several more times right in the gut, each punch was rock solid and right in the belly button. then she folded me in half and lifted me off the floor with a knee straight into my gut, as i was doubled over she grabbed my hair and walked me into the bedroom, still doubled over. she pushed me onto the bed rolling me over on my back and landing a hard sharp elbew right in the belly.
Bernadette was like a wild beast, she straddled me and i put my cock inside her, we fucked as she punched me in the stomach every 20 to 25 seconds, after about 30 minutes i exploded inside her. she had an orgasm a few seconds after, i was still hard and still fucking her and she moaned in pure extacy.

1 month ago


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    • Did you say you liked being punched in the gut every 25 seconds? You son are a fucking idiot.

    • Damn I knew I should have said every 15 seconds lol

    • Incest is when it’s your blood relative, stepmoms are not related at all. Open a book and learn something.

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