Security guard watches director fuck a supervisor

This did happen but names are not real and I’m not going to name the plant in the UK or the company as they are a global manufacturer .
It happened ten or so years ago and is as fresh in my mind as the night it happened.
When you think of a director I guess you are thinking of an owner , not in this case as this is a global company so this guy was high up in the national stakes .
I’m a security guard or was at the time and used to see to it that everyone who came to site was either supposed to be there or had been requested or just worked there .
This particular time I remember there was a lot of investment going on in the plant and a lot of contractors and lots of engineering personnel were about and a hell of a lot of meetings .
This particular day I was working nights which the start time was 6 pm till 6am
Around 7pm a lot of the big wigs were going with the exception of the plant manager and the director . They had had a long meeting with the supervisors who worked shifts along with some shop floor staff.
I watched on the cameras as the plant manager left the front office get in his car and go around 8pm.
I could still see the Mercedes of the director so figured he was in the front office finishing up or talking to some staff .
After an hour still his car was there so I locked up my post and stared to do my walk around and check the locks etc
I got to the main front office and the lights were out with the exception of one office. The main door was locked so I figured someone left the light on , I unlocked the main door and started to make my way to the light of the office when I could hear talking and noise .
I walked slowly to see what was going on, holly shit the director was naked and a female supervisor was also naked , leaning on a desk with one leg up on a chair . The director I’ll call P was ramming this woman as hard as he could and she seemed to be loving it, the supervisor I’ll call S was married around 35 fantastic body on her with big fake tits ( she had them done and everyone knew about it but they were fucking good ones )
Anyway I could hear P telling her “ do you want it up your arse next tell me tell me “
She grunted something again he came out with
If you want to be a manager this is going to be a quick way to get there S , she seemed to get excited by what he was saying and turned her head to look at him . I thought fuck I shouldn’t be hearing this besides what they were doing was wrong he was bribing her and she was accepting !
Then I had a thought i would stay far back enough that if they change they won’t see me as it was dark where I was and I could always move quick and turn the lights on to prefer different I just got in
I took my phone out and switched the flash off and took some pics and a short video for my own protection and enjoyment ( seeing S bald cunt and huge tits was hot as fuck
I watched for 20 mins longer while he fucked the living shit out if her
He did fuck her arse and kept swopping positions as if he didn’t know what to do next trying to get it all in as if it was his last ever fuck.
He stood her up then told her to bend over and as rough as you can imagine he finger fucked her cunt as fast and hard as he could . Then he stated to slap her arse until it started to go red then stop and shoved two fingers in her arse hole his face was a picture of frustration and I guess lust .
At that point my cock was like a pole and decided to get the fuck out of there .
I locked the office quietly and went to toilet to have a wank ( took less than a min to shoot my load )
I know all this sounds rough and ready but I’m not an author , just a lucky voyeur . For years after I saw her rise the ranks and thought so that’s how to fuck your way to the top
I used to ask her if she had seen P every time he came down , she used to look at me in a way as if does he know something ( I did )
I could have blackmailed her or shown her the pics but that’s not me or right to do it , mind you her husband wouldn’t have been too happy knowing his wife was a massive slut .
She did have one hell of a good arse on her though .

10 months ago

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