Sister ass fucked

When i was 19 and my sister was 16 one day my sister broke the glass but she blamed me for that and dad scolded me for that i was very angry that time but couldnt do anything one day i saw my sister taking bath from the hole of window i was very exited and i thought i will fuck her and take revenge. so one day my family went on family function my sister was felling sick so shes sleeping and me also stayed home after one hour i goes into her room shes sleeping i m put my dick in her hand shes still sleeping then i m trying to kiss her take her lips my mouth but she suddenly wake up and saw me without pant naked shes afraid but i put my hand on her mouth put her on bed shes crying but no one at home then i told her that i want to fuck her shes bagging me to leave her and crying i put down her pant and then her panty and after her top shes so hot shes had tinny nipple shes trying to run but couldnt then i slapped her very hard and again slapped her shes still crying she had tinny pussy i had licking her pussy shes crying but cant do anything i licking her pussy nearly 10 minute shes cum then i kiss her shes not wanted but i kissed her i put my cock on her pussy shes begging to not do that but i didnt stop i put my cock on her pussy and put in her pussy but it was tiny so only half of my cock i can penetrate and shes scream i put my hand on her mouth shes crying like a baby after 5 minute i take out my cock from her pussy shes crying but i want more i told her that i want to fuck her ass shes bagging me but i put my cock on her ass and put it in her ass my whole cock are in her ass i fucked very hard as i can and cum her in her ass it was most satisfying fuck i ever have i give her cloth shes afraid of me so shes not told anyone

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    • Her pussy is not that tiny if she 16

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