Cock craving

During the day I don’t think about it much, but at night I want a dick so bad.

Last night I masturbated with another man on cam. We didn’t chat or talk, just stroked to each other. I came first, him shortly after.

I know I would cum so hard if I had cock in my mouth. Just it exploding in me would be enough to do it.

I put a realistic dildo in my ass tonight and gasped from pleasure as it went all the way in. It was so thick.

I’m definitely not straight…

1 month ago

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    • Tim a married straight man and I love to suck cock ! There is nothing wrong with wanting to give a another man a blowjob there is nothing wrong with that ! All men think about giving head to other men they just don’t ack on the idea of ducking a mans hard cock !
      Hell I’m 45 years old I’ve been sucking duck for almost 30 years and I enjoy ever single one all you need to do is take your time and find the right fit for your needs
      If you just want to suck it or get fucked with it that’s up to you ! You always have a choice!
      Now the first time you give a blowjob think about like your making love to it ! Remember you have one also treat it like it’s your dick being sucked we know all of the right places to suck on and where to lick his shaft around the head if his Vick is a great place to focus on and try to gentle suck on his balls to really get him going that gets my going
      And don’t be afraid of when he’s about to Cumm in your mouth just let him do it it might taste a little funny at first but you will enjoy every drop of his hot load of Cumm in your waiting mouth
      tRUST ME !
      😱🔥❤️love it and you will want seconds and thirds and more from that day on !!

    • It’s ok, I know what cum tastes like! 💦😀. I’m not afraid of that at all.

    • Doesn't mean that you are gay either. You can be bisexual. And there's nothing wrong with that. I am a married man who loves to suck cock and get ass fucked. My wife will fuck my ass with didlos and with her strapon. If you seen me you wouldn't believe that I was bi. Pussy is great. But being with a man is very exciting. Just have fun with it. Life is too short not to get what you want.

    • I know I’m not gay. I’m just greedy. 😀

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