Slut girlfriend

At 16 and 17 years old, most guys just want laid. They don't care if the girl is married material or not, we just want the girl to put out. I was no different. I dated a girl who I knew was a slut. She admitted to me on the night we met that she had sex with her own highschool teacher. So I knew then she was easy. I was right, and we fucked later that night. I should have let her go, but the easy sex kept drawing me back in. Of course I wasn't the only guy she was fucking. I caught her several times right in the middle of fucking someone else. Hell, we went to a party one night and she was no where to be found. I walked into a back bedroom and caught her on the floor sucking another guys dick. Each time I broke up with her, and each time she cried and had sex with me to get me back. I was always stupid and took her back. Five years I dated this woman and probably caught her 15 times fucking someone else. Until finally I woke up. I was 22 years old and was finally becoming a man. I had met a woman through work and we had become good friends. My girlfriend hated her and felt threatened by her, and rightfully so. She had asked me out more than once and thought I should leave my cheating girlfriend for her. For this reason I think my girlfriend tried to clean up her act, but it didn't last. I was working 2nd shift and didn't feel right after lunch. Maybe it was intuition or maybe it was just gas, I don't know, but I packed up and went home to find my girlfriend in bed with one of the neighbor guys. I never said a thing. He ran out while she tried crying bit and the sex thing. Fortunately I was over her sex hold and told her no. She figured some time way would help and offered to take me on vacation. I again declined all while collecting my personal belongings. I didn't take much, didn't have much. I walked out and drove to my friends house, getting there just about the same time she was getting home from work. I told her what was going on and asked if she wanted to be my girlfriend. She excitedly said yes and I moved in that night. That was also the first night I had sex with her, and she was extraordinary. Way way nicer pussy than my ex. I should have left that cheating slut a long time before i ever did.

11 months ago


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    • Get her pregnant

    • I’m just the same, I now jack off thinking about when my ex from a long time ago cheated on me! The times she was a lot more juicy than normal, only realising now I was probably getting sloppy seconds! How I slid right in with hardly any resistance, where she’s been fucking this guy I worked with, now really gets me cumming real quick!!

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