The pawn wife

My wife is a ex meth user she had pawned everything sometimes I wonder if she pawned her body for dope. She don't work so I the bread winner. We got into it the other day next day she goes and pawns her ring . I have GPS in all are vehicles. I told what she go pawn she said her ring needed gas money of course her cogs what not. So its are anniversary coming up told her i will not recognize it since she ain't got the ring and I won't pay to get it out. Am I wrong she know how I hate the pawn shop brings up old memories.

1 month ago

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    • I tried to pawn my wife . I got no where . Guess she was all used up. No takers . Not one .

    • You should have put her out on the street . Meth heads give the best blow jobs. No teeth it feels great.

    • Get her back on the dumb dust and whore her out to the Stonehenge teeth gang, film it, sell the video to Crackheads Gone Wild ( they love meth and smack users too ) , and you might make enough to buy her a ring to staple into those encrusted labial flaps. Happy pimping, sucker !

    • Sounds like a plan I am right on it. Can only pimp one out at a time so waiting for your mom to be done with her last John. Bitch better have my money.

    • She's deader than the tissue between your ears ! Nice try, sucker !

    • Actually I was to busy thinking of another bullshit story to feed you.

    • Didn't pay attention in English class I guess

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