My drunk mom

It was my 21st birthday. I come from a Hispanic family and they love to drink and party for any reason. I only did one shot as I had to drive back home but that didn't stop others from having more. I knew I was adopted but didn't know who my birth mom was till later. She was a family friend who had me at 14. My mom was 35 and stood 5'6. She has lighter skin and dies her hair blonde. My mom was always working out and had a boob job done from a previous relationship. It was the first time I had a birthday party with her and she got wasted. The party ended after midnight and I was getting ready to leave when she said she wasn't feeling well. Sitting her down I got her some water and cold wash rages as she was sweating from dancing. I asked her if she wanted to go inside where it was cooler and she said yes. She stood up and almost fell over. Catching her I said I'll walk with you. Holding her hand she leaned into me and I led her inside. Going to my aunt's room she tried to sit down but the bed was too high and she sled off. Laughing she said I can't get up. Reaching my arms under her I lifted her up and she laid down. Drinking her water she reached behind her back down her shirt. Hearing a snap she put her other hand down her tank top and pulled out her bra. Sighing she said be glad you don't have to wear a damn bra. Noticing her hard nipples her bf at the time came in and said he was going to pull the car around and to walk her out. My mom sat up and stood up but was still tipsy. Holding her steady she hugged me. Hugging her back I felt her boobs against me. Turning her head she kissed me lightly at the bottom of my neck. She slowly moved up and gave my neck another one before moving to my cheek. Still holding her she kissed my cheek and turned her head wanting me to kiss her cheek back. Leaning down my mom moved her head back and went in to kiss me on the lips. Pulling back she asked what's wrong. Your mom can't give you a kiss on your birthday. Mom, you're drunk I said back before she leaned up and started to kiss me again. Feeling her tongue spread my lips apart she found mine and started to kiss me hard. Moving my right hand down her waist I went under her jean shorts and grabbed her ass. She pulled my hand out and slapped my hand against her ass holding it. Breaking our kiss she said she liked to be spanked. Smiling, she put her hands on my ass and I spanked her hard before kissing her again. Sliding both of my hands down her shorts I went under her thong. Biting her lip I started to kiss her neck and kept going down her chest. My mom moaned and pushed out her chest before pulling down her shirt. Looking at her exposed boobs, her brown nipples were huge and hard. Pulling my right hand out I grabbed her left boob and put her right nipple in my mouth. Sucking on it I pinched her other nipple. My mom started to breathe fast and threw her head back. Moaning my mom pulled me up and shoved her hand down my shorts. Grabbing my erection hard she started to stroke me fast and said OMG your big like your father! I went back to sucking her boobs and shoved my hand down her shorts. My hand found her drenched pussy and slid two fingers in easily. Feeling her body tense up I started to bite her nipples. Shaking she moaned loud and started to gush on my hand. Shooting my cum hard I soaked my pants. Looking at my mom she smiled and pulled out her hand and brought it to her mouth. Licking her fingers she said you taste so good. She quickly pulled down my shorts and put my still hard cock in her mouth and sucked on me for a few seconds. Putting me away I did the same. Seeing her shaved pussy I wanted to fuck her but knew we didn't have time. Spreading her lips and going deep my mom pushed my head against her and played with my hair. Slapping her ass again I took one last lick and pulled up her shorts. Kissing my mom one last time and groping her boobs I took her hand and walked her out to the car.

1 month ago

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