Dorion Griffin hypocritical raping womanize

USAF airman Dorion Griffin host of podcast Talks with Griff & personal trainer wannabe Guru Instagram @griffsofficial is a sex predator who manipulates and takes advantage of vulnerable wombmxn so he can collect sextapes and pussi. Just another fakeass disrespectful dtf fuckboi playing mind games. EVEN moor pathetic, dickappointing, dishonorable and embarrassing than other men because of the act his ass puts on.

Liability to our military and a disgrace to the uniform

Revoke security clearances and discharge! Moor concerned about pussy than defending his country!

NOT a "real man"

8 days ago

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    • Bitch sound like you need to lie down and let a brother give you a dicking
      If you cant submit to black cock then get out of the way and die

    • Not all Black men are like that! Only most of them, and that is because of systemic racism. You need to check your privilege.

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