Blowjob questions

Me (22 F) and my boyfriend (24 M) have been dating for awhile now and I decided to give him a blowjob for his birthday as a special treat. So I'm on my knees performing oral on him and he is really loving it of course. When he was about to ejaculate he told me I had to stop sucking because he thinks its wrong to do that in someones mouth. This really surprised me and I told him to just relax and let go in my mouth and I will swallow his semen. He insisted I stop and he said he is uncomfortable with the idea of ejaculating in a girls mouth. So I stopped and I took him out of my mouth , but then I wasn't sure what to do because I didn't want a mess all over the place. So I took my ballet slippers off my feet and I allowed him to ejaculate inside my ballet slippers while I finished him with a hand job. So my question is have any other women encountered guys who don't want to finish in your mouth ? If so what did you do ? My boyfriend said he enjoyed finishing in my ballet slippers so I'm not sure if I should continue to let him do that or use something else to catch his semen ?

11 months ago

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    • I'm in my late sixties and I find women of my generation are less likely to suck cock, or, if they do, they like to be warned of pending ejaculate. Women twenty or thirty years younger than me suck cock as a matter of course, and tend to swallow much more often. I'm not saying that's carved in stone, that's just been my experience, and I always warn them. Keep handi-wipes by the bedside. They are good for catching ejaculate and clean up at the same time.

    • When I give my husband oral I'm always happy for him to finish in my mouth but sometimes he doesn't want to, preferring to cum on my boobs. I don't like it over my face or hair.

    • What? Maybe he’s actually an alien and that’s how they impregnate each other. Yup that’s crazy but not as crazy as a dude who doesn’t want his partner to swallow. Something is up with your man. You may want to have a more in depth discussion of your sexual boundaries.

    • Tell him to cum on your face

    • I have sucked over 200 cocks, and they all came in my mouth, so I don't think it is common. But to each his own.

    • Can I be number #201??

    • 😂😂😂 200 ??

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