Go eat a bucket of KFC Trump you Fat Fuck

I am so angry with Trump and his dumbass braindead, brainwashed supporters it's pathetic that these Trumptards refuse to move on.


Trump go eat a bucket of KFC and continue to get fat and I hope your fat orange ass explodes.

9 days ago


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    • Fuck Trump and anyone likes him and his whore wife. When civil war II comes I’ll be quite happy to put down any idiot wearing a maga hat or shirt. So bring it you fuckwadds

    • With what your hockey stick! You fucking demorats have been trying to take our guns away. We are the heavily armed side and waiting for you to do something!

    • All you liberal weak little people staying up all night with your video games and social media. Thank God America is made up of mostly good people and not the government. Middle America will never give in to this socialist agenda.

    • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA like a liberal pussy is gonna step up. You're too afraid to leave the coasts and go into the interior of the country where every real American can fistfight and owns ten guns. You're fuckin' ADORABLE little man!

    • Fuck off, I’ve already been there and taken out a few of them…..they won’t be seen again.

    • You fucking sick brain dead Trump hater. You’re so full of hate you can’t think for yourself and let stupid Sleepy Joe do it for you. What are you going to do when your government hand outs go away and mom and dad throw you out.
      Learn to read and find out the truth about President Trump.

    • Yeh Biden is about as welcome to the 9/11 services as a fart in church.

    • It's a well known fact that the military will rise up and execute Sleepy Joe and the Ho, as well as Pelosi, AOC and the whole commie bunch. And Donald Trump will be installed on the golden throne, as it was God's wish. It's gonna happen in March 2021, I read it on the internet. ( oops, never mind )

    • Https://trumpwhitehouse.archives.gov/trump-administration-accomplishments/

      Eat a bucket of dicks shitbird

    • Fuck you. SPACE FORCE!

    • Like slow Joe and the Hoe is doing a great job right now. Trump did better in his sleep that the two buffoons do in a week. Stuff your TDS

    • Trump Derangement Syndrome, it is real lol

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