What a pussy I am

From her first day at work I’ve been winding up a female work colleague, she is so funny and believes everything you say to her, I told her I live naked in my house, she would ask don’t you get cold, what if someone knocks at the door.
I explained, just turn up the heating and answer the door naked, wow was her reply.
Hopefully you can now read between the lines what she’s like.
She asked if I was going for drinks after work on Friday, I said no got a couple of things to do then I’m going to have a night in with myself, what do you mean she said, I said I’m planning to treat myself you know, no she said, I said I’m going to give myself some attention, nope still don’t understand.
Without being rude I was trying to tell her I was going to jerk myself off.
Anyway, I said you’re work it out later, I bit later in the day she said, think I know what you mean now, I winked at her and said, just between us two ok, of course she said.
Before leaving work she said goodbye and hope to see you later, I just waved and said goodbye.
Must of been 10pm and someone is knocking on my door, I’m upstairs so I look out the window, it’s her! I stayed still and didn’t move, she kept on knocking then I got a text, you in, I didn’t reply, I waited until she walked away.
At work on Monday she didn’t say anything, I said got your text but I was fast asleep, was exhausted on Friday.
She is a hot looking lady and I can only imagine she came knocking knowing I would be naked and jerking myself off and I was to scared to open the door.

1.1 years ago

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    • I appreciate your candor and honesty. I believe things happen when they're supposed to. Something gave you pause in that moment, and it probably has nothing to do with your sexuality or being a "pussy". You need to take a good look at that. Also, having sex with a work colleague can be risky even dangerous for your job. But, it sounds like you may have more chances so just take it slow and careful. Good luck !

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