Stepdaughter lesbian sex friend

My stepdaughter is 30 years old and very attractive. I would fuck her in a heartbeat if I thought she would go for it, but I know that will never happen.

She has spent a few times in prison, mostly for stupid shit. Paper crimes and small drug use. Last time she was in prison for 2 years on falsifying documents. Every time she gets out, she always ends up living with me for short while before getting back on her feet. This time was no different, except she got out the same time as her cellmate. She asked if her friend could stay with us too. I didn't like the idea, but agreed.

Not long after they moved in I had been out at the bar. It was late and I came walking in to catch my stepdaughter between this other girls legs eating her pussy. They were both fully naked and jumped up trying to find something to cover with when I walked in. Not really having anything to cover up with, my stepdaughter tried to cover herself with her hands. The other girl didn't even try to cover herself. They both stood there trying to stammer for words as to why they were lezzing out on my couch.

I just stood there not saying a word, enjoying the sight of the other girls naked body. Clearly I was getting aroused and she knew it. A little bite of her lower lip and a glance at my crotch was a dead give away. As my stepdaughter continued to find words, her friend walked up to me and kissed me full on the mouth. She pushed her tongue almost down my throat as she started rubbing my cock through my jeans. My stepdaughter obviously wasn't impressed, and turned, storming out of the room.

This girl dropped to her knees and started sucking my dick right there. I was hard as a rock and hadn't been laid since my wife died. I needed this, but I knew my stepdaughter would be pissed. Hell, she was already pissed. But what about the lesbian act? I didn't care, my dick was in her mouth.

She stripped my pants and shirt off and pushed me on the couch. Then she jumped on top of me and guided my dick into her pussy sliding down with my balls resting on her ass. She started grinding me hard. I was rubbing her titties and pinching her nipples which she liked. She held her hands on mine over her tits and demanded that I pinch her nipples harder. The more I pinched, the more she demanded harder. At one point I was pinching her nipples so hard my fingers hurt. She obviously liked it, because the harder I pinched her nipples, the harder she gridded her pussy on my dick.

I never noticed, but later would find out my stepdaughter stood in the hallway the whole time and watched as we fucked. She told her friends that she would have joined in had I not been her stepfather. That was just too weird for her.

Both girls would go on to live with me for a year and a half. I fucked her friend quite a few times, but I also know she was still lezzing out with at the same time. They both found a little house to rent not far from me. Im not sure if they plan on staying lesbian lovers, or if they ever plan on coming out to the world, but I still she her friend and fuck her on occasion.

10 days ago

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    • To the haters, the girl is not his blood daughter and not underage - so not incest and not pedophilia. Get educated.

    • Make a deal wit her - if she wants to live with you, she will have to have sex with you regularly. That's how she would be out of prison in future.

    • You are desperate and sad! Kill yourself. Me and my Trans Squad will piss all over your grave.

    • Promises promises

    • I was having dinner at a Mexican Restaurant and while I was enjoying a round of Nachos and Margaritas and in comes a man in a Mariachi Suit holding a Guitar, however the man was barefoot and he appeared drunk and he began to sing very loudly getting on the nerves of other customers.


Then he took out a bottle of Tequila and began to make his way towards the restroom and let’s not forget, the man was barefoot and here I was eating just to see a grown man walking barefoot into a public restroom.


I nearly threw up in my mouth a little while trying to eat some nachos and if that wasn’t bad enough, the man was actually singing in the restroom. After about a half an hour of listening to this man and his antics in the restroom he returned from the restroom barefoot and he was in his underwear.


I was just about to throw up what kind of nasty asshole goes into a restroom barefoot and walks out in their fucking underwear and yet he’s still singing.


Then he sits down at an empty table next to where I was sitting, he picks up his foot and starts to smell his fucking feet in the middle of the damn restaurant as I could hear everyone groaning in disgust.

      Restaurant Employees were yelling at this whack job that he needs to leave the building because of his behavior but then he goes over to our table, and snatches my taco, puts his foot in my taco, and SUCKS HIS TOES on my fucking taco.

      At that point I was so pissed off that I grabbed his guitar and smashed him over the head with it as he feel to the floor as employees dragged his drunk, half naked ass out of the restaurant.

    • Fuck you pedo! Soon you'll be dead and you wont be a virgin kid any more posting bull shit because I will fuck your corpse!

    • GFY, Ladyballs!

    • Your the ladyballs! Don't use my word! I will force you to submission kid. You and your loser anus will give it up for me. Ladyballs

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