Cum in pancakes

I was on break from school and went back to my home town to see my friends. My best friend wanted to go to breakfast on my last day and we picked a place with the best pancakes. Her favorite since growing up. My friend had just turned 38 and was 10 years older than me. We had met at work and became friends. She stood 5'8 with long blonde hair that she often braided with steel gray eyes. She had always struggled to be thin but had a nice pair shape. Her schedule had changed and she wouldn't be able to go out. Wanting to see her I asked if I brought it over so she could get ready and we could still eat together. She said that would work. I placed the order and went to go pick it up. Driving to her house I had the thought. Since I had gotten up early I didn't masturbate like I normally do in the morning. Remembering the videos of people eating cum without them knowing I pulled off the road and parked the car. Climbing into the back I grabbed the food and opened her box. Seeing the two small containers of butter I opened them up. Feeling my erection grow I imagined her asking me to cum on her pancakes before taking a bite. Pulling out my erection I only stroked a few times till I started to cum. Aiming it into the butter I wiped the rest between her pancakes and mixed up the butter. I continued to drive and debated if I was going to go through with giving them to her or not. Parking my car I knocked on her door and she yelled it's open! Going in I set the stuff on her table and took a seat. I'll be out in a second she said from her bathroom. Watching her come out she gave me a hug and sat next to me. Smiling she asked which one was hers. Grabbing the box I had cum in I gave it to her. She spread the butter all over and leaned down to smell them. They smell great! She said. I haven't had them in a long time. Opening my box I said I hope you like them. She quickly started to eat them and said they're delicious! And that's how my friend for the first time ate my cum without knowing.

11 months ago

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