I want to know what's it's like to suck another man dick

I have never had a dick in my mouth so I would like to.know

22 days ago

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    • I met a guy to watch porn and jack off a few times. By the second I got on my knees and unzipped his pants and took his big old black cock out. I put a condom on his dick and started sucking. It felt good in my mouth. I went back one other time and blew him again. I think about dick often. I prefer pussy, but I want a dick in my mouth.

    • I think having variety in one life is important. If you are curious take charge and do it. Do not wait until it's to late you have the "damn, I should have done its".

      I am bisexual amd have been since puberty. With me first other male at 12, he was 14. My first male - female experience was at 14 [she was 36]. I knew then that I was equally wanting more of both. I am 64 now, and haven't waivered in my sexual orientation one bit. Although I knew who I was, and was comfortable in my own skin, I did not come out until 2006, at 49 years old.

    • Lmao

    • Not at guy wanting to suck dick but the triggered fool who keeps trolling lol

    • HaHa! That Burger King gum thrower fag got triggered lol

    • Brandon the burger king guy is so butthurt lol

    • Still mad because Brandon busted you for raping young boys?

    • Woke up 3 AM to piss - no wife in bed. Pissed then looked for her. She's on her knees in the back yard naked, sucking another man's dick. So ask my Sally that.
      Her phone on kitchen table.
      Bob: Blow me
      Sally: K, see you in 5 :-0

    • Nice

    • We live by a huge cornfield, so does Bob about .25 mile way. There's farmer's path that runs form our backyard to his. She says Bob goes to her church and suffers from depression since his wife left him. He's down on women, he's been dumped before. Having a pretty one naked on her knees sucking his dick is good for his mental health, she says. "I'm getting him through this, I don't fuck him."

    • Dicks are delicious particularly when they are cummiing. I can
      t get enough

    • Think of a cock head as a big clit that does not have its own lubrication. Bring a water bottle with you and be well hydrated because your saliva is the lube. You do not need to be a deep throater, think about how many women in your sex life have ever done it to you. I have sucked a few guys were very short though and I had no problem sucking them to the base, I swear one guy was about three inches fully erect with the smallest balls I had ever seen. He moaned like crazy and shot a decent load though so all was good. I concentrate on the head and a few inches below it with my mouth and grip the shaft firmly with strong short strokes. Most guys have never been sucked much past an orgasm so if you are really enjoying yourself go for two in a row with them and it will blow their mind also.

    • Clueless Poofter!

    • Mmmm I just sucked one in the bathroom of a donut shop in the hood
      It was great but when I threw up in the parking lot it smelled really funky

    • Smelled like your mama’s cooch?

    • With Halloween coming up, have a female friend dress you up, do your hair, and make up your face - not like a clown or drag queen, but try to look passable, if possible. Dress up like a woman and go prowling for dick at clubs and on the street. Suck dick and get your man pussy stretched.

    • That's hot. I want to do that.

    • Get yourself some dick. Go to your local adult bookstore, gay bar, or check out sniffies or Doublelist.

    • I want to get a bit of cock in my mouth too

    • Do it. I love pussy. I love looking at, smelling, licking, fingering, and fucking pussy, but I love dick, too. Go get yourself some dick.

    • Don't do it moron.

    • So arrange to suck a dick. I do it all the time, can't gulp down enough hot spunk.

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