Sex life (or lack of one) for a single mom

I was getting desperate, almost three years without any sexual play with a guy was getting to me. I do not have one of those bodies that immediately attracts a mans eye but decided what I lacked in fitness could be made up for with personality and my willingness to pleasure them. I was turned down by a friend of mine for just some friends with benefits now and then thing, I would think a guy would jump at that opportunity but he told me it would ruin our friendship. I am thirty eight, five foot four, around a hundred and eighty pounds but actually have a waist because I am all boobs and butt, I have always been very into pleasuring a guy and did anything and everything with my ex. So I broke down and wrote a profile on a very popular hook up site being totally honest about myself and what I was willing to do sexually. The responses came pouring in and I like two guys from the bunch.
So after quite a bit of messaging and some flirting I still could not decided on which one to go with so I just went with both of them on two separate weekends.
The first guy is twenty two years older than I am but insisted he is very virile still even at his age, he was willing to either have me over to his place or get a hotel room which ever one I felt comfortable doing. I decided why not just go over to his place, possibly a stupid idea but I was trying to get laid so maybe him being in his own space would relax him. I showed up and was immediately impressed with him, this was a hook up but he still treated me like we were on a date. He was not kidding about being a very giving lover and when we got started he kissed me right out of my clothes and I had two huge orgasms before even feeling him. He was also not joking about his size, very nice indeed with plenty of girth which I love. I left that night weak in the knees and knew walking around tomorrow morning was going to be hard. I almost cancelled on the second guy figuring he could not be better.
Well I was right, he was not better and I kept wishing that I had cancelled and set up another evening with the first one. I walked into the hotel room and he was already wearing a robe, he did give me some pleasurable nibbling kisses and did not just tear my clothes off but he was definitely after one thing and he got there with about five minutes of foreplay. Once he was there though he did give me plenty of pleasure and did give me an orgasm before starting to get some for himself so he got a point for not being selfish. He did want plenty of oral himself which I did not mind doing because I truly do enjoy pleasuring a guys member and making him whimper a bit with some teasing. But overall the first guy was the clear choice for a woman wanting a no strings attached great evening of sex.
I messaged him when my kids went with my ex unexpectedly one night and told him I was free for the evening if he would like me to come over, he responded with an absolutely and he treated me the same way as the first.
So although I was really apprehensive about making a profile on a hook up site I feel like I got really lucky.

11 months ago

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