Best blowjob ever

Had to do my first aid course and it was being held at another club 40 miles away.
Two days before the course a work colleague asked for me, are you doing the first aid course, yes I said, can I be really cheeky and ask for a lift, no worries I said nice to have some company.
I picked her up from our place of work, I didn’t know this woman, I’ve seen her face at work but that’s as far as it goes.
I needed the motorway for two junctions no longer then 15 minutes, on the motorway accident all traffic at a standstill, 40 minutes had passed and still not going anywhere, I got myself nice and relaxed legs stretched right out, my suit trousers are a little on the tight side for me, not around the waist in the leg, them randomly I started getting a hard on, my tight trousers contained it but you could see what was going on if you was looking, I used my arm to disguise it without making it to obvious but it was to late.
I was looking forward chatting to her and I could tell from the corner of my eye she was looking at me and not turning away, trying to act like nothing is wrong I look at her and she is looking at me moving her eyes down, she then did a little head nod to highlight what’s going on, yeah sorry about that I said, random one going on with no control, then I covered myself with my hands.
Don’t be sorry she said, we are not going anywhere soon are we, as she said this she was feeling the shape of my cock, she was talking really sexy while unzipping me, let’s have a look said said, oh yes that’s a nice one, she was running her fingers up my shaft over the top.
Why don’t you sit back a relax and let me take care of this, I reclined my seat, she unbuttoned my trousers and I pushed them down a bit.
She was giving a running commentary on what she was doing, now she said let’s taste this cock, she went down and did it like a pro, not just stick it in her mouth and suck on it, she was teasing my cock with the end of her tongue, Jesus I was ready to pop, then she started sucking and licking on me like an ice cream, she kept me on the edge for ages.
She stopped and said we better not get your trousers messy then put her lips just over the end of my cock and sucked like mad, I was pumping it out and she was now taking me deeper, then back up trying to suck me dry, my cock was so tender but she wouldn’t let it out of her mouth until I was fully soft.
I said that’s the best blowjob I’ve ever had, thank you she said I like compliments.

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    • My best blowjob actually came from an older woman that I had been working at her house doing some electrical work. My wife actually works with the woman and recommended me to do the job.
      I'm in my 50's and the the couple that I had been working for were in their 70's.
      The wife was beautiful for her age, the husband was always with his buddies somewhere.
      I had been working there for a few days and it was hot. I usually wore shorts in the summer with no underwear. I was working on putting up recessed lighting in the kitchen. I was down in the basement feeding wires through a small hole in the wall standing on a ladder. The wife came downstairs to give me glass of water and I noticed she was staring up at me. I think she got quite a peek at my cock because she just smiled. I told her I was sorry and came down the ladder. She commented that I had a bigger cock than her husband and wondered if she could get another look at it. I asked about her husband and she said don't "oh don't worry, he won't be home for another hour". I unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down. She asked if she could taste it.
      I said "Sure". She kneeled down and started licking all around the head before watching her lick my balls. Then she had a hand twist technique which I knew I wouldn't last long. I held her head down onto it just as I told her I was cumming. Surprisingly, she swallowed everything. She got up and kissed me and I tasted my own cum on her lips.
      This went on for a few weeks. She would even suck my cock while her husband was upstairs taking a nap. Either he didn't care or never knew that his wife was sucking my cock!

    • My best bj came from a married coworker. She had boasted a lot that she had no gag reflex and dared me to prove her wrong. Finally, with permission from my wife, that coworker proved she wasn't kidding. Wow! She didn't just give my D a blow, she blew my mind. Not long after that she'd come around looking for repeat performances now and again. She claimed to miss the flavor when her husband was away with work. She was my only side piece that my wife knew about and could care less about. I miss having her as a coworker

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