Can’t believe I fuck both of them

I’ve listed this as embarrassing as I’ve never told anyone about it.
12 years ago I lost my job and struggled to find anyway of finding an income.
I moved out from where I was renting and move in with my parents, it was a nightmare living back with my parents, I spent more time out of the house then in.
My parents were on my case about finding a job, only jobs local are working in supermarkets, no disrespect to people working in supermarkets I was looking for engineering work.
I applied and got a job at the local supermarket, more so to keep my parents happy.
Turns out it was really good fun, I was restocking the shelves over night so no customer to deal with, I was teamed up with two girls, both really nice and good fun.
After a week I was on my own working, ok a bit boring but did have some fun and banter.
I stayed good friends with the two girls always being cheeky and nude but in a nice way.
We all got asked to come in earlier as builders we’re starting at 2am and power had to be turned off.
When we finished the two girls said what you doing now, got no plans why, come back to our place we got some drinks.
I was up for that rather then going to my parents.
We had ourselves a little party, music low as not to wake the neighbours, the girls got really drunk, then the pair of them started pretending to do a striptease, come on she said stand up and join us, we all started to dry hump each other then acting as if both giving me a blowjob I’m pretending to lick their nipples, as I did that one lifted her top up pushing her breasts together for me to lick, her bra was still on and I started biting her nipples, the other girl did the same, both girls then took my top off, I’m now bare chest dancing around two girls, both girls then took their tops off and bottoms, both chanting off off off to me to take my trousers off, now we are all in are underwear still dancing and drinking.
One girl backed into me and the other girl said off off off I undid her bra then the other girl did the same, I had both girls jiggling breasts in my face.
Now dancing with my arms in the air one girl pulled my boxers down, both started cheering, I just didn’t care I was having a good time, I then started hip gyrating making my dick go round in circles, one girl went on her hands and knees and crawled towards me, she was face height with my dick, moving my hips I was slapping her face with my dick then she stopped it going round and put it in her mouth, the other girl immediately joined her, I had two girls taking it in turns to suck my cock.
As this happened I tried to take one girls knickers off, the other girl just stood up and took hers off, I’m how kissing one girl and fingering her while the other is sucking my cock.
The girl sucking my cock got up and pulled me holding my dick towards the sofa, as she sat back in the sofa I had hold of both legs up in the air, I had the end of my cock over her pussy hole then pushed straight in to my nuts, the other girl started grabbing my balls from behind, I stopped her from doing that didn’t want to cum, I got her to bend over next to her friend and started fingering her, then I pulled out and slipped nuts deep into the other girl, the other girl said hurry put it back in, I pulled out and started fucking her again, then out and back fucking the other girl.
I was to close to cumming so I started sucking on her pussy and I went from pussy to pussy, I definitely spent more time on one pussy then the other, one was wetter and had more pubic hair the other was bald with tiny pussy lips, the girl with the tiny lips turned over and sat on the sofa and started playing with herself, I got up from licking pussy and started fucking her again, I helped the other girl playing with herself, I was now going really slow not to cum, the girl playing with herself got close to cumming so I pulled out and buried my face in her pussy, I had my tongue as deep as I could in her pussy, I pushed her legs as wide apart as I could, I put my dick in her pussy thrusted away for about twenty seconds pulled out and went back licking and she was thrusting her crotch in the air having an orgasm, as she was relaxing on the sofa I started touching her now wet pussy while I fucked the other one, I said I’m not going to last much longer, she said pull it out and cum over my pushy then suck my pussy.
I pumped away until the last second, pulled out and shot cum over her, she was rubbing it in before I had finished, she grabbed my cock squeezing every last drop out, as promised I started sucking on her pussy again, sucking then 3 finger fucking her, continued doing this until she cum.
Man I was knackered, all three of us laying together really tired, the place stunk of sex.
What I’ve not told you about my experience and why it’s listed as embarrassing, both girls are really big and I mean really big.

3 months ago

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