I love dog cock

I love sucking dog cock. But I love it more in my pussy pushed all the way in till he knots with me I love when he pushes hard

11 months ago


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    • I’m a 43 year old wife and four grown kids a two grandkids but I still live fucking our lab and letting him knot inside my pussy and asshole most of the time my husband helps him

    • I'm a 48 yrs male and I would like to meet someone I could enjoy us both being fucked by dog

    • I am a male years ago I let our dog fuck. Me I got on my hands and knees so he could mount me he tried a few times to put his hard.cock into my ass I had to help i took his cock and guided the tip of his cock into my ass I could feel the head of his cock as he slid it in

    • Once his knot slips into your pussy giving you a pleasurable pain, he will stop for a few secs and jab hard against your pussy and start fucking in great speed. The feeling of his cock-tip almost lashes the mouth of your cervix and then starts shooting jets of his hot cum are overwhelming (this is what you will be looking for) ..... Hold one of his hind legs so that he cannot turn around, his cock will go limp within 20-25 mnts and automatically will slip out - don't panic, enjoy the whole feeling.

    • I am into dog sex for more than 10 yrs now. Love it when he is in with knot lodged against my g. Then he quickens his thrusts and flood my pussy with his com - I reach a mind blowing orgasms. Every time!!

    • How old are you? How many dogs have you done?

    • I’m pretty damn sure that I love you

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    • What would you like to hear

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