My friend's panties

The following is a true story. I've known my friend for seven years. We went to high school together and are close. She's 5'6 with light blond hair and bright blue eyes. My friend has always been small for boobs and was glad she had a nice ass. I flew into town to visit for a few days when my hotel reservation got cancelled. No other hotel had rooms so I asked her if I could spend the night. She said yes and was excited to see me. Bringing over food for dinner we caught up while I cooked. My friend said she had to pick up her bf from work and would be back in a half hour. Finishing dinner it happened for the first time in our friendship. I was alone in her house. The urge overcame me and I knew what I had to do. Going to her bedroom I found her clothes basket and started going through it. After moving a pair of pants and socks I found a small black satin thong. Opening her panties up I saw a small white stain. I was finally touching something that had been close to my friend's most intimate parts. Lifting them to my nose I was hit with her perfume she always wore with a light smell of pee. Breathing in again a musky aroma overtook my senses. Exhaling, I put them down and kept going deeper into the basket. Feeling my penis getting hard I found her second pair. A lacey pink and brown thong. Feeling the crotch area it was hard and dark in color. Her musky scent was stronger and the thought of what had turned her on to soak them filled my thoughts. Putting them back where I found them I needed to see one more. Moving more clothes I found her last pair. A black lace and satin panties. I moved into her bathroom with them and quickly unfastened my belt. Unzipping my shorts and pulling my erection out I put the panties to my nose again. Imagining that I was between her open legs and seeing her inviting bare pussy I lost control and started to cum all over. Making sure I didn't have any on her underwear and cleaning up I took one last smell knowing that this would never happen again. Unless I did something that I had never done before. Grabbing the other pair I went to my bags and didn't hesitate before stuffing them in and hiding them. Not knowing if she would notice them gone or not or if she would call me out on taking them the rush of being able to smell her pussy anytime I wanted to was worth it.

11 months ago

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