Girlfriend pussy has changed!

Been having sex with my girlfriend for six years so you would think I know that pussy inside out!
Recently (last two months) her pussy gets super wet, obviously she gets wet when having sex but now it’s soaking wet, it’s so wet I don’t feel any tightness anymore.
Her pussy squelches when fucking her, if I pull out and thrust back in doggy style I can cut her pussy farting from being so wet.
I’m not complaining just wondering why her pussy has become so wet in the last couple of months.

1.1 years ago

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    • The Alum is a good idea. try rubbing Alum all over it to tighten the skin

    • Don't listen to all the men in the comments! She's not cheating and she's not inserting things up her coochie. If a girl likes you she gets wet. IF shes getting wetter than before then you are hitting it in just right and exciting her. Take it as a compliment that you're making her coochie so wet that it sounds like you're stirring Mac n cheese. These men here be fucking dry hooker coochie and don't know what they are talking about!

    • I've been by and have fucked her with my very large cock!

    • Not necessarily cheating, but, she may be using Bob ( battery-operated-boyfriend ) before her session with you.

    • Maybe somebody "Had it in for you" as they used to say....LOL.

    • Def cheating on you

    • She's probably cheating on you

    • I imagine she’s having something big up there! Hopefully shes been fucking herself with a huge dildo and not someone else fucking her, unless your into the idea of that?!

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